I woke up at about 2am and shot up and took a few deep breaths ad I got out of bed and started to walk around the room as I groaned slightly, trying not to wake up Tris, but that failed as I heard him stir. “Baby, what’s wrong?” he asked sitting up “Baby won’t settle down” I said. He frowned, “You’ve never acted like this before” he said. I just groaned as he looked at me “Are you in labour?” he asked me. I leant over the bed post at the bottom of the bed and groaned again. “I’ll take that as a yes than” he said as he got me to sit down and called the midwife. As my waters hadn’t broken yet there was no rush, but she did say that she would be about an hour, giving me time to pack an overnight bag.

An hour had past and the midwife arrived just as my waters broke. Tris and the midwife both helped me into her car and she drove to the hospital. We got there ten minutes and I got rushed off to a room where I got hooked up to a heart monitor, to keep track on both mine and the baby’s heart rates.

Three hours past and I got handed a small, crying bundle. I had my eyes glued down at the beautiful little girl in my arms as she cried. I put my finger into her mouth and she started to suckle. I smiled as I looked at Tris who was smiling “She’s gorgeous” he smiled. I smiled tiredly at him. He gently kissed me as I kissed him back.

I got home the next day minus the baby, as she was a month premature, she had to stay in an incubator for four weeks, which gave us enough time to finish her room and finish getting clothes for her. She had everything else, cot, pram, mosses basket, drawers, all she needed was clothes and toys. She had a few plush animal toys that Tris had gotten for her and some baby grows with animal on them. I went shopping to get pretty pink and white clothes along with everything girly. Good thing I asked my mum for her car, because I went crazy on baby shopping. I went to Primark, M&Co, River Island, H&M, Marks and Spencer’s, Tesco, ASDA, Accessorize, Top Shop, next, New Look, you name it. I got carried away and I only came away with one or two bags from each shop. After I had finished, I got home with about 20 bags full of teddies and clothes.

I took a few baby grows and went to the hospital with a few bottles of breast milk for her. We hadn’t named her yet, Tris wanted to call her Rosie Amelia while I wanted to call her Lyric Aurora. Lately we couldn’t agree on anything, all we did was have these stupid little arguments. I got to the hospital and went to see my baby girl. She was lying there with her eyes open looking around as she tried to take the tube that went up her nose off. I chuckled as I took hold of her hand, she squeezed my finger and looked at me. I just smiled at her and looked at her.

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