A few weeks had past by and Tristan and I were growing stronger each day. I was in the boys' kitchen making breakfast when Meghan, Chloe and Tamara came in. "Ooh did we forget our PJ's again?" Chloe asked, I looked down to see I was wearing one of Tristan's tops. I shrugged, "I like wearing his clothes, sue me" I said cheekily. "I wear Brad's clothes" Meghan shrugged as she sat at the table. I put a plate of toast I'd made on the table and everyone took a slice. "So Jaz, has Tris asked you to be his girlfriend yet?" Tamara asked. I looked at her, "We talked about it last night and have come to the conclusion that we shall tell everyone the outcome when he has finished getting dressed" I said. "They're official" Meghan said smiling. I sighed as I heard someone come down the stairs. "Morning girls, morning beautiful" Tristan said as he came into the kitchen and gently kissed my lips. "Morning beautiful yourself" I chuckled as he held my waist. My arms lay on his shoulders as he started to give me gentle pecks from my lips to my neck. "You have a bedroom to do that in" I heard Connor say. Tristan pulled away from me, but his hands remained on my waist. "Yeah" Tristan said shrugging as the other boys came into the kitchen. "Well since everyone's here, I think now is a good time to tell them, what do you think?" I asked Tris, he smiled. "I can tell them?" he smiled, I shrugged "Go ahead" I smiled up at him. He looked at the others and sighed. "Last night Jaz and I were talking about were our relationship was heading so I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes, so guys... we're officially a couple" Tristan said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed my temple. "Tristan, Jaz is my longest lasting best friend, hurt her and I'll never talk to you again" Connor said. "She's more likely to break my heart" Tristan replied. I looked at him, "Aww baby, I'm never going to leave you, you're stuck with me" I smiled "Sounds good to me" he smiled.

I was sat next to Tristan on the floor in the livingroom. We were both on twitter, I was just reading through tweets that were on my home page when I felt Tristan looking at me. I didn't look at him as I read a tweet. "Check your mentions please?" he pleaded. I sighed as I did what he asked. I noticed he'd mentioned me in a tweet. It just simply read 'Hanging out with my girlfriend, sorry girls I'm taken by this girl @JazIona'. I looked at him, "Are you sure you want your fans to know you're no longer single?" I asked him. "Too late now, I've tweeted about it" he smiled as he took a photo of the two of us and tweeted it. 'Meet the girl I'm crazy about, gorgeous isn't she?' he wrote. I chuckled as he kissed my cheek as I logged out of twitter and put Connor's laptop back on the table. I looked at Tristan just before he pinned me to the floor and started tickling me. "Tristan!" I squealed as loud as I could but he didn't listen, he just kept tickling me, which got me laughing and squealing to the extent Connor came through. "What on earth is going on through here?" he asked. "Con...nor...save...me!" I pleaded. "Tris she's had enough man" Connor said, Tristan sighed. "Aww babe didn't you like that?" he asked me as he lay above me. I looked up at him, "Just so you know, I hate being tickled, next time you that, I'll scream rape" I said. "Then I won't" Tristan smiled as he kissed me. "Get a room!" Connor said before leaving me with Tristan. "Already have one" Tristan shouted. "Then use it!" Connor called back.

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