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I had my head resting on Connor's shoulder while Brad and Meghan made out in front of us. James and Tamara had gone to the shop to get some ice cream and fruit. As for Tristan, he just sat next to me watching the telly. "Jaz, help me tidy up the pizza boxes please?" Connor whispered in my ear. I averted my gaze from the telly and looked at him. "Sure" I smiled as I sat up straight. "Don't they ever stop?" I whispered in Connor's ear. He looked over at Brad and Meghan. "No, I think the only time when they aren't kissing is when they're not in the same room, you get use to it, just ignore them" he said handing me two pizza boxes. "Tris, can you pass up that empty box?" Connor asked Tristan. Tris looked at his feet before bending over to pick it up. He handed it to Connor before standing up. "Here, I'll take them out to the bin, you stay here and make us all a cup of tea" Tristan said taking the boxes out of hands. As he did, our hands touched and for a second I thought I felt sparks. As Tristan and Connor went out to the bin, I made my way to the kitchen and filled the kettle before turning it on. I looked for the mugs and pulled out eight. I didn't know how everyone took their tea apart from Connor. Just as I had gotten the sugar and milk out, Connor and Tristan came back in. Tristan put on the radio and Lawson played through the speakers. Before I knew it Connor had grabbed my hand and started to dance. As we both made fools of ourselves the door slammed shut and James came into the kitchen. "Pack it in kids" he said. "No" Connor laughed as he spun me around. James sighed as he grabbed my wrist and stood me next to Tristan. I need to talk to you" James whispered to Connor and they both left. I looked up at Tristan, "Yeah so I'll tell you how the guys like their tea" he said as he put two tea bags in the pot.

Brad and Meghan stopped making out long enough for us to get to know eachother. "Sorry about before, we haven't seen eachother since last week" she said as she showed me around the house. I nodded, "You're quiet, are you okay?" she asked me. I nodded, "Yeah, I'm just taking in the house" I said. Connor had showed me where the kitchen and bathroom were, but Meghan was giving me the grand tour. "So, I'm guessing you and Con have known eachother since school?" she asked. I nodded, "Yeah, we have, I moved from Scotland down to England with my parents when my dad got a job in Warwick before Mum got a job in London" I said. "So you're both Scottish then?" I love the Scottish accent, it's so cool" she gushed. "Yeah, we're from different parts of Scotland though. I'm from Perth and he's from Aberdeen" I said as she stood outside a closed door. "How did you guys become friends, best friends I mean?" She asked as she looked at me. "School mostly, he started talking to me and since then we've been inseparable" I said. She nodded "Last room, this is Connor's" she said as she opened the door. His guitars hung on his walls, his bass guitars sat on stands. "I always wondered; who is this?" she asked handing me a framed picture. "Connor and I, I had my hair dyed vibrant purple, I was going through a phrase" I said as I handed the picture back to her. I made my way to the corner of his room where Rex's tank was. "So this is where you girls are" a Scottish accent said from behind us. "Rex seems settled" I said. "OH yeah, you haven't seen him in months, have you?" Connor said as he opened the tank and picked him up. He placed Rex on his shoulder as I ran the back of my fingers over his scales.

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