I was crashing at the boys with the girls; we were having one massive sleepover. As the boys got the pillows and duvets from their rooms, the girls and I were making room in the livingroom on the floor, by pushing the sofas and table out of the way and against the walls. We lay down a few covers down so the carpet wouldn’t be scratchy against our skin while we slept. Especially since all four of us were wearing vest tops and shorts to bed. Tamara had a light pink set on, Chloe had a leopard print set, Meghan had a Cookie Monster set and I had an Animal set. As we finished, the boys came downstairs and started throwing pillows at us. “Oi” Tamara called out as James threw a pillow at her. “Sorry babe” James said as Connor picked Chloe up. Brad and Tris helped me and Meghan make our beds as the others mucked about. “Let’s cuddle down and watch family guy” Brad said, Tamara, James, Connor and Chloe made their beds up, cuddled down just as Brad had turned onto BBC3 and family guy had started for their six Saturday night episodes. I cuddled up to Tris, who had his lips pressed to my forehead. He lent down and whispered in my ear. “I love your jammie set” he said. I looked at him, “It’s old, but hey at least we both know we both love Animal” I whispered to him. He just flashed me that cheeky grin I loved so much. I cuddled back up to him and we watched family guy and laughed when it was funny.

After a few episodes I felt my eyes getting heavy and my head slowly slipped down Tris’ shoulder. I jolted up and looked at Tris who had his eyes glued to me. “Are you okay?” he mouthed. I yawned as I placed my head back onto Tris’ shoulder. He held me close to his body as we watched the third episode of family guy.

I woke up with a startle, looking around the room to see it was dark, the telly was off and someone held onto my waist. I knew it was Tris by the way he spooned me. One arm under my neck and the other one holding my body to his. I slowly sat up, trying not to wake Tris. I just sat there and sighed. I looked for my phone under my pillow to see what the time was. As I found it I unlocked it to see it was just turning 3am. I put it back and laid my head on the pillow. All was quiet, apart from Brad’s snoring. I turned onto my side to face Tris. I could just make out the outline of his face in the dark. I gently stroked his cheek with my thumb before cuddling up to him. He moved slightly and gently kissed my forehead. I opened my eyes to see he had woken up. “Sorry did I wake you?” I whispered, “Yeah, but don’t worry, I was planning on waking you up if for once I woke up before you” he whispered. His morning voice was going to kill me one day it was that sexy, just like him. He pulled me on top of him and started to kiss me, I didn’t hold back and kissed him back, why wouldn’t I? After all he is my boyfriend! He got abit more passionate and our tongues battled for dominance. I could tell he was getting horny by the way he held and kissed me. I grabbed onto his neck and pulled him up. I straddled him and sure thing he was horny. “Tris, you’re poking me” I moaned as he kissed my neck. He looked at me before looking around the room. “Well we can’t, not here anyway” he whispered. I pulled away from him and stood up. “But we can, if we go to your room” I whispered. He stood up and followed me to his room.

I pulled my top off as we got to the landing. Tris pushed me into his room and closed the door. I dropped my top to the floor as we both started to strip eachother. “This time, please don’t hold back” I moaned as he picked me up. “I’m too horny to hold back baby” he said as he dropped me onto his bed, he grabbed a condom off of his bedside table and ripped it open with his teeth. He rolled it down his length before climbing on top of me. “Ready?” he asked me. “Yeah” I whispered biting my lip as he pushed himself inside of me. We both moaned out each other’s names as he thrushed in and out of me. “Tristan!” I moaned as he pushed in deeper. “Say my name any louder and the others will burst in” he said kissing my neck. “Sorry but you’re brilliant at this” I said grabbing his ass. He chuckled, “It’s sex baby, not rocket science” he said. “Still” I moaned biting my lip. “Tris I’m gonna… ahh!” I moaned as he hit my g-spot over and over again. I grabbed his ass and pushed him deeper inside of me. “Babe… f… I’m gonna blow your mind” he moaned. After a few more hard, fast, deep thrusts, “Tris!” I half screamed as we both climaxed, he rolled off me and lay next to me. “So… how was your second time?” he asked chuckling. “Amazing!” I panted, chuckling with him as he took the condom off and placed it in the bin.

When we caught our breaths back I sat up, “Where are you going?” Tris asked me as he pulled me back down. “Tris, they’re gonna come and fine us if we don’t go back downstairs” I giggled. “It’s what about 4am? They won’t be up for another three hours, we can do it one more time” he said kissing my neck. “We could, only if I get on top” I giggled. “You’ll need the practice, anyway, I’m not going on top all the time” he chuckled. “Right then” I giggled pinning him on his back. “Feisty, I love it!” Tris chuckled as I started kissing his neck and slowly made my way down his chest. I grabbed his length and ran my hand up and down it. I looked up to see Tris had his head reeled back. “Faster baby, faster!” he moaned. I obeyed him and moved my hand faster up and down his now hard length. I took him in my mouth and Tris just moaned in pleasure. I moved my tongue up and down his length. All Tris could do was moan. I stopped so I could get a condom off his bedside table. I opened it and rolled it down his length. He sat up and looked at me. I straddled him before lowering myself onto his throbbing length. He moaned as I started to gently move myself up and down. I buried my head into his neck as he held me close to his body. I draped my arms over his shoulders and laced my fingers through his hair. I could hear Tris moan into my shoulder as I moved up and down on him slowly. I couldn’t go any faster due to the grip Tris had on me. I kissed his neck and gently tugged on his ear with my teeth. Tris moaned as he started to kiss my neck. I pulled away from him and crashed my lips to his before picking up my speed. Tris started to kiss my breasts as we both moaned. “Jaz, I’m gonna cum, harder, faster” Tristan moaned “I’m doing my best” I moaned as I felt close to climaxing. “Jaz” Tris moaned as I went faster and harder before making the pair of us climax. I threw myself down beside Tris, “That was fun” I chuckled. “A little more practice and you’ll be able to do it faster, just how I like it” Tris chuckled as he took the condom off and put it in the bin with the other one. “It’s a good thing you keep a bin next to your bed” I said sitting up. “You think?” Tris asked me “Yeah” I replied as I pulled on my top and looked for my shorts as Tris started to get dressed.

When we were dressed we made our way back downstairs and the others were still sleeping, or so we thought. “Where have you two been?” said a girls voice as a light on their phone went on, revealing Meghan, making both Tris and I jump. “Nowhere special” Tris said. “Uh huh, so what was with the moaning? Yeah I heard you when I went to the bathroom” she said. “Yes okay, we were both turned on so we went and had sex, happy now?” Tris whispered. “Finally, I was wondering when you two were gonna do it” she said. “You all had a bet, didn’t you?” I asked. She nodded, “You won didn’t you?” Tris asked. “Hell yeah!” she whispered. We said goodnight to Meghan before cuddling down under the covers.

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