Please Say Yes

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Meghan’s POV

I sat on the kitchen worktop wearing one of Brad’s tops. I heard someone coming down the stairs as I drank my cup of tea. As I put down my cup Brad’s head popped around the door. “There it is” he said. “Morning to you too” I said. He looked at me and smiled cheekily. “I meant my top, it goes with these jeans” he pouted. I raised an eyebrow, knowing where this was going. Brad walked over to me, “Take it off love” he winked cheekily. I shook my head and pulled him closer to me. He smiled and kissed me deeply. I laced my fingers through his curly dark brown hair and wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed him back.

“We’ll be back later tonight” Brad said kissing me goodbye as him, Connor and James were getting ready to leave for the recording studio. I smiled at Brad as he put his coat on. “I’m vibrating” Connor joked as he pulled out his phone “It’s Tris, he says he’s just left Jaz’s and he’ll meet us at the studio” Connor informed. Brad and James nodded. When the boys had left me, Chloe and Tamara, we decided to have a movie marathon. I grabbed my phone and sent Jaz a text. ‘Hey we’re having a movie marathon, want to join us? Xx’ I sent her. Moments later I got a reply ‘Sure, but I’ll have to bring Jai, I’m babysitting… again, be there soon xx’ I smiled. “Jaz’ll be here soon, she’ll have Jaime, she’s on babysitting duties” I said. The girls nodded.

When Jaz got here, the five of us had a great time watching films like ‘The Bee Movie’ ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ ‘Madagascar’ and eating/throwing popcorn at each other. It got to about 8pm and Chloe had dozed off. I grabbed one of Jai’s felt tip pens and drew a moustache on her face. The four of us giggled before Jai asked. “Won’t she be angry with you when she wakes up?” I looked at her. “To start off with yes, but she’ll soon see the funny side” I said. Moments later the door opened and four wet and cold boys came up to us. Tris went straight to Jaz for a hug, James and Tamara went into the kitchen to make tea, Connor just looked at Chloe, “Meghan, how many times?” he laughed. “She fell asleep” I replied as Brad wrapped his arms around me. “Heya sexy” he whispered in my ear. I just giggled “Heya sexy yourself” I replied. “I need to talk to you about something” he said as he pulled me up to his room, or well our room. He sat me on the bed and paced. “Babe sit down, you’re making me feel uncomfortable” I said. “Sorry babe, it’s just this is big, really big, but I feel like we’re both ready” he said. I just sat there thinking what he could mean. He kept sighing, and he was shaking a little. I just waited for him. He looked at me “Meghan I love you, and only you, you’re my world…” he sighed again. “Meghan will you marry me?” he asked me.

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