R Rated part

A week had gone by and I was sat in Costa playing with my promise ring as I looked out the window. It had started to snow quite badly so I ducked into the nearest coffee shop and ordered a large hot chocolate with a hint of gingerbread. The girls were with their families and I was left alone, mum and dad were at work and Jaime was at school. I looked at my watch to see it was turning 2pm. I had an hour and a half to kill before i could pick up Jaime from school. The snow had picked up quite quickly just as my phone started to ring. It was Jaime's school, I answered it. "Hello" I said "Is this Jaz Stewart?" it was Mrs Logan, Jaime's headmistress. "Yes, has something happened?" I asked, "We need you to pick up your sister Jaime, the school is getting closed early due to the snow" she said. "Yeah, I'll be there as soon as I can" I said as we both hung up. I put my coat on and buttoned it up. I grabbed my bag and brolly along with my woolly hat and gloves and left Costa.

As I got to Jaime's primary school she ran right up to me. "School's getting closed for a few days" she said as Mrs Logan approached me. "You must be Jaz, I'm Mrs Logan" she said holding out her hand. I shook her hand. "Yeah I am, we've met before, it was when this one started here" I said. "Oh yes of course, you don't look alike or like your mother in fact" she said. "We take more after mum and gran, and mum doesn't take after gran" I said. "Oh yeah, well these things happen" she said. "Jaime actually looks like me when i was younger, so looking at pictures, you can tell we're sisters" I said. "I want a hot chocolate please" Jaime asked me. "I better let you get her home, it was nice to meet you again" Mrs Logan said. I nodded, "You too" I said as I made sure Jaime was warm enough before heading out into the snow.

As we got up the driveway I pulled out my keys and unlocked the door. "Why is Jai home early?" dad asked, "School's closed for a few days due to the snow" I said as I took my coat off and hung it up . "Why are you home early?" I asked dad. "I finished early. Oh there's someone in the livingroom for you" dad said as he took Jaime to the kitchen. I popped my head around the livingroom door ro see a mop of blonde hair under a blanket, sleeping. I got closer to see it was Tristan, "He just got back from America, he's jetlagged" dad said from the doorway. "Why's he here and not with the boys?" i asked him. "He was, as you can see his bags aren't here, he went home, unpacked and came here, and when I said you weren't here I let him stay so I got to know him, went to make hot chocolate, came back and he was sound asleep, so I threw a blanket over him and left him" dad informed me. I nodded, "Okay, what do you make of him?" I asked dad. "Keep him, he's a nice guy and he clearly loves you" dad said as Tris moved about on the sofa. "I'll leave you to watch your boyfriend" dad said. "Gazing dad, he's a human being, not a telly" I said as I sat on the other sofa and read a magazine. I put my headphones in and played Union J while I read.

When I had finished reading my magazine, I looked over to see Tristan was still sleeping. I pulled my phone out and took a picture of him before posting it on twitter. 'Look how cute my baby boy is when he's sleeping :3 @TheVampsTristan'. In seconds it had been favoured, retweeted and commented on all together about 30 times. I just watched all the comments pop up, they varied from 'Aw such a cutie' to 'Wish you were cuddling up to him? ;)'. I even followed few more fans that had followed me and some of them were tweeting 'OMG @TheVampsTristan gf just followed me #YAY :D' I favoured a few. I must have been on twitter for about 20 minutes before feeling someone sit next to me. I was still listening to my music; I looked up from my phone just as they took out one of my headphones. "Hey i was listening to that" I said as I saw Tristan was sat next to me. "Oh so you didn't miss me then?" he said. I just threw my arms around him. He held me back and chuckled "I'll take this as a yes then?" he said. I pulled away from him, "Yes, I've missed you like crazy babe" I said as I crashed my lips to his. He kissed me back. I took out my other headphone as Tris laid me down on my back and got more passionate with me. "I missed you like crazy" Tris said as he left butterfly kisses down my jaw line to my neck. "I missed you baby, let's go upstairs and make up for lost time" I said. "Sounds like a plan" Tris said as he stood up and lead me to my bedroom.

When we got up to my room, Tris closed my curtains; I locked my door and switched on my red lights. "Romantic, just like our first time" Tris chuckled as he took his clothes off. "They're just lights Tris" I said as i took my clothes off. "You don't have a lamp, do you?" he asked me. "I do, I just don't use it" I said. Tris nodded as he pulled me close to his body and ran his hands over me. He kissed me gently before deepening it. He pulled me onto my bed with him. He kissed down my body; I ran my fingers through his hair as he started to turn me on. "Tris" I breathed, "I love you baby" he said as he worked his way back up to my neck. "I love you too!" I moaned. "Good" he said as he reached over to my bedside table for a condom. He found on, ripped it open, put it on and pushed into me. "Tris" I moaned as he thrushed in and out of me. I held onto his shoulders as he went faster. "Fuck yeah, baby!" he moaned as I gripped his sides with my legs. "Baby" I moaned as he got the right place. "Tris right there yes, yes, yes!" I half screamed. "Babe i think I'm gonna..." Tris moaned into my neck as he went faster. "Babe, harder, I'm gonna..." I moaned. 2nearly... yeah baby say my name" Tris moaned. "Tristan! Harder!" I screamed, giving up. "I'm cumming..." Tris moaned "Same, nearly, right there, Tris baby!" I moaned as we both climaxed. Tris rolled off me as I lay my head on his shoulder. "God that was brilliant!" he said kissing my forehead as there was a knock on my bedroom door, both Tris and I looked at eachother, "Is everything okay in there kids?" it was my dad. "Yeah dad, we're good" I said. "Good, I hope you're protected in there" he said. "Busted!" Tris said as he sat up to take the condom off. I sat up and noticed Tris had gone stiff. "Baby what's wrong?" I asked him. He looked at me, "Don't hate me" he said. I just looked at him "I didn't put the condom on right" he said holding it up. "Tris..." I said kissing his shoulder, "I'm on the pill" I said. He sighed, "I thought we were gonna become teenage parents there for a second" he said. "Silly goose" I told him as I started to get dressed.

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