It was Brad and Meghan's wedding day and I was helping Jai and Meghan get dressed. I was doing their hair and make-up, I was taking a beauty course at college and I was getting really good at it. I left Meghan's hair down in loose waves around her shoulders and did her make-up natural, with Jai left her hair straight with two plaits from either side of her head joining to the back with baby blue ribbon that matched her dress. I applied a tinted moisturiser to her face with a little bit of clear lip gloss. Chloe and Tam were at Tam's getting ready with Con and James. As for the Brad and Tris they were at theirs getting ready. I left my hair down straight as I didn't know how I wanted it, as for my make-up, I left it natural, just like Meghan's, except with a bit of black eyeliner to frame my eyes.

As Meghan went to put on her dress, I helped Jai put hers on. It fell to just below her knees and was a pale baby/sky blue. My dress was knee length and dark purple, just like my hair at the moment. It was dip dyed blonde then I dyed the whole of my hair purple so it went, dark purple to medium then to light/bright purple.

As we got to the hotel, where Brad and Meghan were getting married, it was done up to the nines, yellow and white roses with blue forget-me-nots. The chairs were draped with an orangey-yellow-red material. The whole room looked gorgeous, just like my gorgeous boyfriend who had just walked in. "All alone are you?" he asked me as he walked up to me. I nodded, "You look very dapper Mr Evans" I smiled. He smiled "You look very beautiful Miss Stewart" he said as he tucked my hair behind my ear and clipped my hair back with a purple flower clip just behind my left ear. "Now I can see your face" he smiled as he kissed me gently. I didn't hold back and kissed him back. He broke away "How's the bride feeling?" he asked me. I nodded "Excited, how's the groom?" I asked him. "Excited" he smiled. I smiled as we both went to find everyone.

"I do" Brad smiled as he slid the gold band onto Meghan's finger. "I do"Meghan grinned as she slid the gold band onto Brad's finger. "I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride" the victor said as Brad kissed Meghan. He slid his arm around her waist. Meghan wore a thin, flowing, white, ankle length dressed, while Brad wore a black tux with a white shirt and a white rose for a button hole. Chloe wore ankle length dark blue dress to match her bright blue hair. Tam wore a peach coloured knee length dress. As for the boys', James wore a black tux, the same as Brad, Tris too and as for Connor he wore a white shirt with a tux jacket and a kilt, and Chloe was loving it.

As the night wore on Brad and Meghan were swaying to the music on the dancefloor. Tam. Chloe, Connor and James, along with my mum, dad and Jai had all gone home. It was after midnight and I was falling asleep in the corner while Tris danced with Nat, Brad's sister. He wanted to leave with the others, but Nat wanted to get at least one dance with him. I watched them with hooded eyes before I gave up the fight and closed them as I leant my head back to rest on the back of the seven seated sofa and sunk further down into it. Just as I was about to fall into slumber, I felt a weight drop down next to me. I opened my eyes sleepily to see Tris. "Are you tired baby?" he asked as he stroked my cheek. I nodded "Yeah, I'm about to drop" I said as I yawned. Tris grabbed my shoes, clutch purse and picked me up fireman style and carried me out to a taxi.

I woke up to someone placing me down onto a bed. "Hey, it's okay" Tris chuckled lightly as I sat up. He looked at me before gently pulling me down and held me close to his body as we fell asleep.

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