"So what's it like to have thousands of girls throwing themselves at you?" I asked Connor as we caught up for a coffee and a chat. He looked at me, "I love it!" he said into this cup before drinking the last mouthful. In the eight years we've been best friends, we've stuck by eachother through thick and thin, and when Connor told me the boys asked him to be the fourth member of The Vamps, I was really happy for him that his dream had come true. "It's only been about six months Jaz, oh speaking of which, I haven't introduced you to the guys yet, have I?" he said. I shook my head, "No, you haven't Ball, what's up with that?" I asked him. He shrugged as he stood up, grabbing his jacket as he walked to the door. "Come on then" he smiled. I grabbed my jacket and bag and followed him outside.

As we walked side by side along the street to the boys' house, we were talking about the success the band would have if they became the best selling band ever! "Shut up, like that would happen" Connor scoffed as I joked that he would marry a Hollywood star. "Besides, I'm dating someone and I think she could be the future Mrs. Ball" he said, blushing slightly. "Ooh, 'Connor Ball finds his future bride', I can so see that across the heading of papers and front page news in magazines" I said. Connor just chuckled, "Yeah right, Brad's the one who's most likely to get married first" he said. "Brad? He's the one with brown eyes and curly hair, right?" I asked him. I knew who the boys were, but I just wanted to make sure, incase I screwed up. "Correct! James is the oldest, he's... well he's just James" Connor said as he turned up a gravel driveway and pulled out a set of keys. I watched as he did so, while taking in the surroundings and the house. Connor opened the door and stepped inside. "Come on slow coach" he said pulling me inside. He walked into the livingroom and the boys were playing on their X Box as I stood behind him. "Have fun with your girlfriend?" a Birmingham accent said. "She's not my girlfriend, she's my best friend, anyway who wants to meet her?" Connor asked as he looked over his shoulder at me. There was only the difference of 6cm between us, if that! He smiled at me so I smiled back, out of nervousness more than anything else. "You showed us a picture of her and I'm still not convinced you're best friends Con" a voice in the far end of the room said. "Haha Tris!" Connor said as he pulled me to his side so they could see me. "Brad, James, Tristan, this is Jaz" Connor said. All three boys looked at me. I didn't know what to do or say so I just went with a small wave and said "Hey, I'm Jaz, nice to finally meet you all, I've heard all about you guys". A tall brown haired guy came up to me and I suddenly forgot his name. He shook my hand, "Hey, I'm James" he said. Of course, stupid nerves getting the best of me again! "I'm Brad" Brad said as he hugged me. I looked at them before my eyes fell on a tall blonde that stood in the corner of the room. "You must be Tristan?" I asked him, he nodded, clearing his throat and came over to me, "Yeah I am" he said hugging me. "Right, now that everyone has been introduced how about we order a pizza for dinner?" Connor said. James and Brad agreed as Tristan pulled out of our hug. He just looked down at me. I looked back up at him before looking at Connor. "Remember I'm a vegetarian so no meat" I said as he took my jacket and bag before hanging them up on a coat hook by the door. "Meghan and Tamara are coming over for dinner" Brad said as James looked through a pizza leaflet. We all sat down on the sofas. Brad and James sat on one sofa while I sat between Tristan and Connor on the other sofa while we waited for Meghan, Tamara and the pizzas.

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