As the four of us made our way to the park, the other four were already there. Meghan ran over to Brad, and Chloe came bouncing up to Connor. Both Tris and I looked at eachother before he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. “Tristan!” I screamed. “Shh” he chuckled as he threw me down onto a blanket that was under a tree. He sat next to me, only for me to realise we were with Tamara and James. “So you’re still alive I see” James said to Tristan. Tris looked at James confused, “You didn’t come home last night” James cleared up. “Oh, I crashed with Jaz” Tris said. I rested my head on his shoulder and sighed as I wrapped my arms around his arm. “You seriously can’t be tired, you were up before me” Tris said pulling me into a hug. “I’m not tired, I just want a hug” I said as he placed a soft kiss to my forehead. “You two are just so cute together” James said. We both looked at him as Tamara rolled her eyes. “Wanna get ice cream?” Tamara asked me as she stood up. “Yeah” I said “Before you say anything, yes I know what you like” I said to Tristan as James and Tamara gave eachother a quick kiss. Tristan looked at me, I sighed as I pressed my lips to his and he kissed me back.

“So, how long have you and James been together for?” I asked Tamara. “About 18 months, we went to school together” she said. “Just like me and Connor then, we’ve grown up together, more or less” I chuckled. “You’ve known eachother for about eight years haven’t you?” she asked me. “Yeah we have” I said as we made our way back to the boys. We didn’t bother getting ice cream; instead we just bought a few boxes of ice lollies. “You’re 17 aren’t you?” Tamara asked me. I shook my head, “I’m 18, I’m eight months older than Connor, I know you wouldn’t think it, would you?” I chuckled. “Nope, so you’re a year younger than Tristan and James?” she asked. I nodded “Same age as Brad” I said as we reached the boys. “Who’s the same age as me?” Brad asked. “Her” Tamara pointed out as she pointed at me. “Really? I thought you were younger than me” he said. “I’m slightly older than that Scottish boy over there” I said sitting next to Tristan. “Shut up!” Connor shouted as he laughed. “So you’re younger than me and James then?” Tris asked. I looked at him, “Nah really?” I joked as we all started laughing. “Chloe’s the youngest at 16” Connor pointed out. “That’s true, I’m the baby of the group” Chloe said as she opened a box of twister lollies. “Mine!” Tristan shouted as he snatched the box out of her grasp. “Oi, you’re not the only one who likes twister lollies” Chloe said as she started to chase Tristan around the grass. All the other six of us could do was laugh.

As the day went by Brad and Meghan were showing alot of PDA towards one another. James and Tamara were having a water fight. Connor and Chloe just sat with Tristan and I talking. “You have to meet his little sister, it’s funny watching them when Tris is trying to be the grown up, Millie just turns around and baffles Tristan with the slightest things” Chloe said. Tris cleared his throat, “She’s already met Millie, James and my parents” he said. “Oh, I never knew you’d met them” she said to me. “Tris invited me to meet them at the beginning of the week” I said. “That’s were you disappeared too?” Connor said. “Sorry Con, I promise I’ll make time for you” I said, which made him smile. “I can’t believe it’s October already” Tristan said. I looked at him, “Random” I said, “We’ve known eachother for four weeks in three days” he said. “Oh yeah, time flies by when you have fun” I said “And in that time, we’ve released our first single, done telly and magazine interviews…” “Told everyone none of you are single to your fans” Chloe said interrupting Connor. I looked at Tristan, “Hey I wanted to let everyone know I’m taken” he said kissing my cheek. I looked at Tris and smiled, still trying to believe he wanted to be mine and wanted me to be his. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him, “Hey, it’s okay” he said holding me. I pulled away from him and gently kissed his soft lips. He kissed me back before he got abit more passionate with me.

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