A few months had past and the boys had just released their first album. The boys even gave all of us signed copies, even Jai got one. Tris had given Rachel a chance to be friends, and she accepted. It took a while for me to accept it, but Tris told me to put my pity jealously to one side and give her a chance, so I did. She was close to Tam and Chloe, but I chose not to be close to her until I could be certain she wouldn’t kiss Tris again. I was in the boys’ livingroom with Tris and Jai. I was cuddled up to Tris on the sofa while Jai was glued to the telly watching some kiddie program. I leant my chin on his shoulder and kissed his ear. He looked down at me and smiled “What’s wrong baby?” he asked me. I just smiled at him as he leant down and kissed me gently. I kissed him back as I held his neck and moved my lips in sync with his, while he held my waist. I stood up and took his hand in mine and led him to his bedroom.

He pinned me to the bedroom wall and kissed me passionately as he took my top off. I pulled his top off. I looked behind him as he kissed my neck, and saw Rachel sat on his bed. I sighed which made Tris look at me confused, before he looked where I was looking. He sighed “Rachel, we’ve been over this, no one is allowed in my room unless I say otherwise” he said handing me my top. I pulled it over my head as looked at Rachel. “I just needed to talk to you, but it’s pretty clear you have other things on your mind” she said standing up, but not before she shot me daggers. I just scoffed then walked out as tears ran down my cheeks. It’s not like I could knock on James’ bedroom door and talk to him and Tam about all of this, they moved into their flat, it’s not like I could talk to Brad and Meghan either, they were up to their eyes in wedding plans. Con and Chloe were on a three day trip up to Scotland for a break away. I sat in the livingroom watching Jai, watching the telly.

About twenty minutes past and Tris came down and sat next to me. He sighed “Baby?” he whispered. I looked at him with tear stained cheeks. “Her parents broke up, she just needed someone to talk to” he said. I just looked at him. “She could have sat down here with us, instead of ruining our time” I said sighing. He nodded “True” he said as I looked at my hands and realised that we hadn’t had sex in a few weeks. “I fell that every time we’re about to have sex, she cock blocks” I said. Tris just looked at me as Jai stood up “You said a swear” she said. I ran my fingers through my hair and looked at her “Sorry Jai” I said as she sat back down. “I’m going for a walk, look after Jai for me, please?” I asked him. He nodded as I stood up and went for a walk.

I got back to the boys’ house to see that there was only Jai in the livingroom. I sat next to her, “Where’s Tris?” I asked her. She just shrugged. I kissed her forehead and went up to his room to see he was writing in a book. “Babe?” I asked him. He looked at me and smiled slightly as I stood in front of him. “What’s wrong bubby?” I asked him as I stroked his cheek. He handed me the book and I realised that it was his song writing book. “You writing a song?” I asked him as I sat next to him, he nodded. “Yeah… I can’t do them as well as James, Brad and Con…” he said before I cut him off by gently kissing him. I broke away and looked at him “You’re a good songwriter” I said. He smiled “I’m better at producing through” he said. “You’re a great drummer” I smiled. He smiled back, “I love you princess” he whispered. “I love you too bubby” I smiled back at him, before he kissed me gently.

I got downstairs to see Jai and Brad playing snap. “Oh, you win again” Brad said chuckling. “You’re letting me win Bradley!” she giggled as she hugged him. “Oh, am I know?” he said hugging her back. I left them to it and went back upstairs, I knew I could trust the boys with my little sister. They all saw her as their little sister as well.

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