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I woke up to Lyric crying so I opened my eyes to see the sun shining through the thin curtains. I looked to my left and sighed. I left Tristan after I caught him cheating on me with a money grabbing, attention seeking, fake everything, home wreaking tart. According to her, her and Tristan had been seeing each other behind my back since I was 6 months pregnant. I threw my rings at him and told him to go to hell. I packed up mine and Lyric's things and moved back into my parents house. When Chloe had found out what had happened she took my side, causing tension between her and Connor.

I got up to find Chloe rocking Lyric "Is she okay?" I asked her. I had taken Lyric from Tristan, and told him he was dead to both me and my child. He kept calling and texting me so I changed my number and both Chloe and myself moved to Australia. I got apart time job in a florist during the day and Chloe got a part time job working in a restaurant at night, so there was always someone to look after Lyric.

Chloe nodded, "She's fine, she dropped her teddy" she said lying her back into her cot. I nodded and smiled at her sleepily. When I broke up with Tristan I changed Lyric's name from Lyric Aurora Evans to Lyric Aurora Stewart. She was mine and only mine. Tristan just supplied the sperm to make her, he won't ever be her dad. I'd caught him in bed the day I got back home from visiting Lyric in hospital the day after she had been born. I told the hospital that he wasn't allowed to go near her or even see her. The second she was discharged me and Chloe had made our way to the airport with our parents. They saw us off and got the rest of our stuff shipped over to us.

It's been a month since we moved over and we had managed to get ourselves a nice four bedroom house in the West of Sydney. Chloe had a crush on our neighbour a few doors downs mate. He was tall, blonde haired, blue eyed and looked like he could surf but couldn't.

As it was morning and I was already up. I went for a shower as Chloe made breakfast. I got out ten minutes later and got dressed so Chloe could go up for a quick shower. I tied my hair up into a bun and put a thin layer of foundation on.

Once all three of us were ready, we went to feed the ducks in the park. Lyric like it, she smiled every time.

When we got to the park, the blonde boy was with his friends. I chuckled as I pushed the pram as Chloe walked and stared at him. He looked at her and winked at her. I chuckled as she turned bright red. We got to the pond and fed the ducks as the boy came over to Chloe and started to talk to her. I listened in on them as Lyric gurgled as the ducks ate the bread. I felt a shadow cast over me, so I looked up to see the boy from a few doors down, "Is she yours?" he asked, sitting next to me. I nodded "Yeah, she is" I said. He nodded, "Don't worry the 'father' isn't in the picture, I caught him cheating and now he's dead to us, isn't he baby?" I said, cooing at the end, making Lyric squeal in agreement. He chuckled, "He sounds like a jerk" he said. I nodded, "You're telling me" I said. "You're not Australian" he said. I looked up at him "I'm Scottish" I told him. He nodded "I'm Michael" he said. I smiled "Jasmine, but everyone call me Jaz" I said. Michael nodded "I get called Mikey or Mike" he said. I smiled "This is Lyric" I said. Michael smiled "That's a lovely name, why 'Lyric'?" he asked. I sighed "Her so called 'father' is in a band" I said as I saw Chloe get handed a piece of paper. "Luke fancied your friend" he said. I smiled "She fancies him" I said.

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