Five Years Later

Five years had past and Lyric was attending her first day at school in Sydney. Chloe and I had both taken her to school and we were just about to pick her up as Chloe's son Kalab fell and hurt himself. I told her I could get her myself and dashed off to the school where she ran up to me "Mummy!" She squealed happily as she hugged my legs. I smiled and knelt down to her level and tucked her blonde hair behind her ears. She smiled "Have a fun day did you?" I asked her. She just smiled and nodded "Yeah!" She said "Where's Auntie Chloe?" She asked me "Kalab fell down, so she has to take care of him" I said as she ran from me to a tall red haired man "Hey" I smiled at him as I stood up as he picked up Lyric "Hey" he smiled back as I walked up to him and pecked his lips gently, he pecked mine back them looked at me, "Guess who I saw today in town" he said. I looked at him as Lyric put her head on his shoulder. Mikey looked at her and smiled "Who?" I asked as I took her bag "Your ex" he said. I groaned "What did he want?" I asked him as we began to walk back home. Mikey sighed "He wants to see you and Ly" he said. I rubbed my forehead "He's not her father, you are, blood means nothing if you're not there for your child, a title means so much more and she calls you daddy, so you're her dad" I said. Mikey smiled then frowned when he heard his name being called. We turned round and found the last person I wanted to see. He looked at me "Hey" he said. I looked at him "Five years and all I get is 'hey'? Not 'I'm sorry for cheating on you for four months'?" I said as I took Lyric from my husband and walked away. Tristan sighed "She told me to cheat on you with her or shed hurt you and Lyric" he said. Lyric looked up at me "Who's that mummy?" She asked me. Tristan walked up to us "I'm your daddy, you don't remember me because mummy took you away from me" he told her. I scoffed "You lost the opportunity to call yourself her dad when you cheated" I said. Lyric folded her arms "That's my daddy" she said looking at Mikey "He helped to raise me" she said walking over to Mikey. I looked at my ex "You broke my heart, it healed with all the love I have for my daughter, and for my husband, who is Lyric's dad, and before you say otherwise, Mikey adopted her when she was 6 months old" I said as we all walked away from him.

We got home and both Lyric abs Mikey were watching Pokemon while I made dinner as Chloe, Calum and Kalab walked in "Hey" Chloe said as she began to help me. I gave her the 'pissed-off-smile' smile as I put the nut roast in the oven. Chloe frowned "What's wrong?" She asked me. I looked at her "Tristan tracked us down" I said. Chloe groaned "He's not Lyric's dad, he just supplied the sperm" she said. I nodded since I've been saying it for years.

We were all just sitting down to have dinner when the doorbell rang. I got up to answer it and wish I hadn't "Will you just piss off?" I hissed as I stepped outside and closed the door "I want to see her" he said "Five years too late" I said to him. He groaned "Will you listen to me?" He asked I shook my head "No, because I know you married her and that you have twin boys, so leave me and my daughter alone!" I said as I walked back inside and slammed the door shut.

Months had passed and Tristan kept trying to persuade me to let him see Lyric, it got so bad that we decided to move house a few doors down from my in-laws. Which made them happy because that way they could see Lyric more. It made us happy too because they were extra eyes to keep an eye on Lyric when she was playing outside.

It was 10pm at night and Lyric was at her grandparents for some quality time. Both Mikey and I were curled up watching telly when I decided to tell him the news I've been wanting to tell him for about a week. "Hey Mikey?" I asked, he smiled "Yeah?" He asked "I'm pregnant" I said. The biggest smile ever spread across his face "I'm having a baby?" He asked. I nodded as we both smiled uncontrollably as we cuddled and giggled before we kissed sweetly.

The End!

Sorry it's not the best but I just wanted it finished.

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