It was November now and Tris and I had been together for two months, it felt longer but at the same time it felt like no time at all. The boys were recording their second single ‘Wild Heart’ and I was hanging out with the girls.”Brad taught me how to play the guitar, it’s so awesome!” Meghan squeaked. “Connor’s teaching me the guitar” Chloe beamed, “James tried to teach me the guitar, but it wasn’t my thing” Tamara shrugged. “I can play guitar and bass, being friends with Connor, you pick up a guitar and he has to teach you” I said. Chloe nodded, “Yeah tell me about it, I just wanted to know how holding a guitar felt, now I can play an acoustic version of ‘Wild Heart’” she said. “I can play acoustic and electric” I said. “Show off” Tamara chuckled. “Why yes I am” I giggled, making the three of them laugh. I grabbed the cups and went into the kitchen to make more tea, only for Chloe to help. “Jaz, can you teach me the bass? I want to surprise Con” Chloe asked me. “Yeah, of course” I smiled. “Thanks” she smiled. “If you want, I can teach you now, I have a few Bass guitars in the garage” I said. “Yeah please, can we meet here at yours so Connor doesn’t know?” she asked me. I nodded, “Of course” I smiled as Union J blasted through the sound system in the livingroom. “Turn it down Tamara!” I shouted. “Sorry!” she shouted back as she turned it down.

We were in the garage after our third cup of tea. Chloe was raring to go. I handed her one of my bass guitars as I grabbed my favourite bass. It was also my first one that Connor had bought me for my birthday a few years ago. As I taught her a few basic things I gave her a beat to work with. She picked it up quiet quickly. Practice went on for a while until my mum and little sister came down the stairs to the garage. “So this is where you four are” mum said. “Girls this is my mum Caroline and little sister Jaime” I said as Jaime came up to me and started to pluck the cords on my bass. “We’ve been practicing” Chloe said. “She wanted to learn the bass to surprise Con, so I’m teaching her” I said. “You don’t teach me” Jaime said. “You don’t pay attention Jai” I said. “I’m five, all I want to do is play” she said as my text alert went off. I grabbed my phone to see a text from Tris. ‘Hey babe, finished earlier than expected, you free for a hug? Trissy wants a hug L xx’ I giggled and texted him back. ‘Aww Trissy babe! Yeah come over to mine and we can walk to yours, you’ll have me to yourself that way ;) xx’ I hit send just as Tamara and Meghan decided to up and leave. “Meeting up with Brad and James at Costa” Meghan said. “Tris is coming ‘round” I said as I put my bass back on its stand. Chloe placed the one she had on its stand. “Four bass guitars, seven guitars and a drum kit, we could start a band” Chloe said. I laughed “Yeah we could, but someone will have to learn the drums” I said. “I’ll teach yah babe” Tristan said as he wrapped his arms around me. “Hmm, I’ll take you up on that Evans” I said turning to face him. He smiled as he kissed me gently. I kissed him back as I felt someone pull at my jeans. I pulled away from Tris to see Jaime. I picked her up. “Tris you remember my little sister Jaime?” I asked him. “Yeah I do, hey again Jaime” Tristan said. “Hi Tritan” she said. “She can’t pronounce her ‘S’s’ very well, can you?” I said tickling her. “No I can’t” she squealed. “You’re a wee monkey!” I said tickling her side. “She can call me what Millie calls me” Tris said. “What, are you sure?” I asked him. “Yeah, hey Jaime, you can call me Titty, Millie’s my little sister and she couldn’t pronounce ‘S’s’ at your age, she’s older now and still insists on calling me Titty” Tris said. “Okay Titty” Jaime said as she squirmed out of my arms. I looked at Tris, “What?” he asked, “Nothing” I said as I pulled out two sets of drumsticks from a drawer. “What are you doing?” Tris asked me. “I’ve mastered tricks but you mister… have your work cut out” I said twirling a drumstick in my hand. Tris chuckled, “Right, you want me to teach you the drums, I’ve been meaning too for a while” he said as I handed him a set of drumsticks.

Tris had fun teaching me the drums for the next few hours. “Nearly” he chuckled. I stood up and made him sit down. “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” he asked me. I rested my arms on his shoulders. “My hot boyfriend plays the drums do you, a, think I’m watching him, b, wishing I was the drum kit, or c, paying attention to the way he’s banging them?” I said. “I’m gonna go with… b?” he asked me. “Correct” I said laughing. “If you get this down beat for beat, I’ll bang you like I bang my drums” he winked. I looked at him and kissed his perfect lips, he kissed me back. “Okay… Titty” I said. “Shut up, to you it’s Trissy” he laughed as he did a drum solo. “Woah, I’m not ready man!” I shouted. He stopped “Sorry, now pay close attention” he said playing the same solo he’d been teaching me for the last two hours. When he finished he stood up. “Did you know, you’re really hot in action?” I asked him. “No, I didn’t but thanks for telling me” he chuckled. I sat down and tried to get the solo down to a T. I felt myself hit the wrong beat, which made me just bang the drums stupid. “Woah calm down babe, it was one mistake, not the end of the world” Tris said taking hold of my hands. “I know, I’m just getting frustrated, it’s always the same beat” I sighed catching my breath. Tris moved my hair out of my face and gently placed a kiss to my temple. “I get frustrated too, I have an hyperactive disorder, it’s not as bad now, but when I was younger, it ruined my schooling, I got expelled from primary school” he said. I looked at him, “But you’re fine with me, in fact you’re quite calm when I’m around” I said. Tris nodded, “It’s because you’re good for me, we’re in a great relationship, I can talk to you about things the guys would pick on me about” he said. “Connor doesn’t, there’s secrets I’ve told him and he hasn’t said anything” I said holding his chin up. “But that’s you, you’re a girl and I’m a guy” he said. I just looked at him, gave him a small kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled me close to him and we hugged for what seemed hours.

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