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Random Note

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Hello Luvs!! Jeez, I missed writing. But I'm afraid for the next chapter because that's when everything starts happening and I really don't want thus story to end!! I've had so much fun writing this and I know I keep you guys waiting forever and I know you probably hate me for it but I'm really sorry. But the official end date won't be until well into April or May so we have time. I'm heading back to basic here pretty soon and won't be able to update until who knows when so I'm gonna write as much as I can in this next week. I love you guys so so  much and thank you for your support. Never thought I'd actually have this many readers let alone fans! This had been absolutely incredible and although this is not a goodbye it's an official See ya later, this has been an amazing year for me and this story. Later Luvs and Fine Reads ❤❤

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