Chapter 4

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"______, are you almost ready?", Grimmjow pressed his head to the bathroom door annoyed. I'd only been in there for half an hour. Did he think my body was just naturally soft and hairless? Or that my eyebrows were always perfectly arched? No, the shit takes time.

"Don't rush", I yelled back through the door, "crab-ass", I mumbled the last part half hoping he heard.

I heard him groan before barging in. I was only in a towel and my hair was wet and waving down my back and around my shoulders in dark cascades. My eyeliner was done and I was in the middle of brushing my teeth. I scowled at him and spit into the sink, "Seriously, you're so patient".

Grimmjow smirked mischievously and stalked closer to me a hand reached between my waves and neck. I licked my lips clean of any toothpaste and swallowed. I knew that look, his electric blue eyes sending shocks of 450v through my body. He pulled me to him and his lips tumulted onto mine.

I sucked my breath in and closed the distance between our bodies. I parted the light-blue button-down revealing his bare chest and ripped abs as he flicked my towel off and onto the ground. My body still slightly wet but he didn't mind pressing his hand into the small of my back so that we were skin to skin.

His lips were soft and plush with flesh, not thin at all. I couldn't stop myself from biting and sucking on his lower lip making him groan in satisfaction.

My hands had found their way to his neck and my fingers into his hair. It was getting long and I loved it, tugging on it not being enough to satisfy me--I liked to pull.

His hands roamed over me, caressing and rubbing firm hand prints into my skin, invisible to the eye but seen by the nerves of my wanting body. He lifted my onto the sink and positioned himself between my legs and the hunger was back.

Grimmjow, will I ever get enough of you? I sighed in my post coital glow in Grimmjow's bed. It had been three months since we had first done the deed and it was nice but we weren't anymore than friends with benefits. It was getting under my skin.

Quickly I dressed not wanting him to walk back in and attack. Today, we were going into his office for a meeting. Grimm had hired me as his publicist and basically all I did was tell him to shut up when he got too hot-headed or was going to reveal too much about the company's work. He owns a ammunition and weaponry factory. It's a surprisingly tedious business.

I dressed in a dark grey silk button up and a straight black skirt and black heels that I'd brought from home. Expertly, I wrapped my hair in a tight bun and clipped it in place. Naturally, my bangs swiveled into the bun flawlessly. Applying light makeup (eyeliner and mascara) I hurried out of the room and toward the door.

Grimmjow was stretched out on the couch. A bright blue eye flickered open and he released a yawn. Two buttons were open slightly revealing his chest and the top of his scar he'd gotten in an accident at work. It was, strangely, apart of his sex appeal. "You're finally ready", he stretched like a large cat, balling and uncurling his fists as he stretched the muscles from his achilles to his biceps.

"Yeah, sorry".

He sat up rubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands. "Don't worry about it. The meeting was canceled anyway but I'm gonna go to lunch with a few business partners, you're welcome to come".

"Oh", in an opportunity like this I'd usually say yes but most of his "business" partners are women and I don't need to embarrass myself. "No, that's fine. I should probably go to my own place and clean up or something", I grabbed my jacket from the rack near the door.

"I don't see why you don't just move in with me", he looked slightly agitated. It was things like that that seemed to warm my heart but then he'd say something stupid. "You clean here and cook, I mean it's pretty pointless to do that at two homes", there it was although it made sense.

I'm not sure why but this all irritated me. "Because, Grimmjow, there is no way I'm moving in with someone I have no commitment to", I spat not daring to look at him.

As I was reaching for the door Grimmjow's voice was at my ear, his hand on my waist holding me in place, "Is that what you think?", his voice made me shiver, "That we are not committed to each other?". He was pausing for my answer but I couldn't speak. Why, even now, did he intimidate me so much? "Well, you're mine. If anyone even looks at what is mine, they'll have hell to pay", he threatened. His words caused a chain reaction from my mind to my heart all the way down there. Oh my.

"Grimm-", he turned me around pressing my body to the door with his larger body.

His hand cupped the side of my face forcing me to look up at him. Those blue eyes that I'd known so long and could hold an unbearable warmth now glimmered with possession and something more. Pleading. "Tell me you understand", he demanded.

Every nerve in my body responded but I could only nod.

I felt a pressure on my neck and his teeth grazed my ear as he spoke, "I want to hear you say it".

My body stood at attention to him. "I understand", my voice was barely audible but a soft kiss landed under my ear telling me he heard me.

A gasp escaped my lips. A growl rumbled in his throat in response. Pressing his body closer I could feel his heart jump and stutter. Grimmjow, the Grimmjow I'd known most of my life was nervous. I reached a hand to run my fingers through his hair tugging gently so I could see his eyes once more. There, in his eyes, the orbs to his soul, was everything I needed for now; reassurance, warmth, need.

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