Chapter 5

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Committed. I guess we were but somehow I felt it was a one-sided commitment. Grimmjow was out with friends while I was stuck inside cuddling with Pantera and Kaneshon. I stared at the TV blankly as Family Guy played.

It was four when Grimmjow finally stumbled in waking me. He smelled heavily of liquor and faintly of perfume. Why the fuck did I smell perfume? I'm not sure if he knew it or not that he had woken me up but that didn't stop him from falling on top of me.

"Grimmjow", I huffed, "get off, you're heavy". I tried to push him off but he weighed too much.

Sweetly, he nuzzled my neck, his voice husky, "But you're so warm, baby".

My stomach fluttered at his words but I couldn't ignore the feminine smell invading my nostrils. "Grimm, come on, let's get you in bed", I said managing to wriggle out from under him.

I started walking away from him towards the bedroom when his hand shot out and snatched my wrist. "Where the hell do you think you're going?", he growled.

My head snapped around and I was met with his blazing blue eyes. He was pissed but it was probably just the liquor. Glowering at him I snatched my hand back but he held firm. "Let go and get up", a threat in the air.

A malicious grin crept along his lips. "What are you going to do if I don't?", he threatened.

My spine tingled as his movements became more like a predator. I scrambled away from him. Why was he acting like this? I'd seen him do this to men at bars before he beat the living hell from them and he did it for sport. What was he doing? He stalked closer cornering me.

His face loomed nearer to mine and then all in a flash he toppled over. I stared, baffled, at his fallen figure. His chest rising and falling rhythmically. The idiot had fallen asleep!

Somehow, I was able to get him in bed. He curled into a ball and then stretched himself out murmuring gratefully. I was walking out of the room when I heard him say something. I turned to see him still asleep but he was talking. Cautiously, I moved closer to hear what he was saying.

"No, Angie. I have a girlfriend...", he mumbled. "Yes, I like her... she's great...", he was silent for a moment. Was he talking about me? "What she doesn't know... what she knows... she doesn't know", wait who doesn't know? What does she not know? "What she doesn't know won't hurt her... _____ doesn't have to know", he whispered.

I don't have to know? He was dreaming about another girl and saying I didn't have to know? It was like something punched me in the stomach. Has Grimmjow... has he been cheating on me?

Slowly, I sunk down onto the floor. I was overreacting. Grimmjow wouldn't cheat on me. We're committed. Aren't we?


I sat on the couch waiting like I had down every night for the last week. It was one in the morning and Grimmjow was still gone. This was starting to get agitating. Every night he'd go straight out from work and wouldn't come home until bar close.

Pantera and Kaneshon sat by the door, both tails swaying rhythmically waiting for Grimmjow to walk through the door. This was it. I was done. I couldn't keep waiting up like this. It was pathetic. I grabbed my jacket and keys and after checking the cats' food and water I left.

I slept at my apartment for the night. There was no way I was moving in with a man who never came home. In the morning I was woken up by someone banging on my door.

Groggily, I went to answer, not caring what I looked like. I opened the door to see a pissed Grimmjow glowering at me. He stalked in and I closed the door behind him. What was his problem?

"Where were you last night?", he asked accusingly.

"Here", I answered bluntly. What was this all about?

He glared at me, "By yourself?".

"Yes! I'd rather be home by myself than alone in someone else's house", I shot at him my anger rising.

"What? I'm out working while you're at home not doing a damn thing", he shouted.

Oh, that was it. "Really? Because last time I checked alcoholism was a disease not a job".

Grimmjow looked conflicted for a split second then recomposed himself. "Is that what I am to you? A fucking alcoholic?".

"And a lying, neglectful, piece of shit. Who's Angie, huh?", the words slipped from my mouth before I had a chance to rethink them.

His face turned from anger to shock. "_____ how do you know about her? Has she contacted you?", he was frantic now.

"She didn't have to with your constant sleep talking. So, did you sleep with her?", I challenged. I had nothing to lose now and I needed to know.

For once, Grimmjow was at a loss for words and that hurt more than him saying yes ever could. His silence meant he was trying to think of a lie. If he was going to lie about it, I didn't need him.

Without a word I turned and opened the door. I stood behind it and refused to look at him. Even now the tears threatened to overflow. "Get out", I said finally nearly choking on the words.

"_____, please, listen", he started pleading.

My heart started to ache like it was crumbling into a million pieces. "Get. Out", I said and this time with a shred of conviction, but he didn't move. "Get out!", I shouted, the tears starting to fall. "I don't need you, just go! I-I hate you, Grimmjow!", I screamed indignantly.

Before I knew it I had sunk to my knees as uncontrollable sobs racked my body. I hate him. I hate him... Grimmjow left and I slammed the door behind him. I absolutely hate him.

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