Chapter 8

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Grimmjow's PoV

It was freezing and the wind was blowing. I tried to convince myself that the weather mirrored my heart; cold, desolate, void of warmth and emotion. But the harder I tried the harder I cried. The tears streaking my face stinging and burning in the cold. I held her body, limp in my hands. Aizen had gotten to her before I did and he made a point to make sure I found her.

She was lying on my doorstep, clothes torn to shreds like an animal had done it, blood pooling from the deep gash in her throat. An animal had done this. He was a predator and knew where to strike where it would do the most damage. I would never forgive him. I hate that damn bastard!

A choked scream escaped me, tearing through my body from somewhere deep in my soul. Everything hurt like the skin was being ripped from my body, each organ torn mercilessly from me. It burned. The pain was unbearable but I held onto her. I wouldn't let her go. Not ever would I let go. But it hurt so bad.

Falling to my knees I screamed until my voice was taken from me. The pain turned into a dull throb... and then I felt nothing. Emptiness overwhelmed me. What was happening?

I looked down at ______. Wait, is that even her name? Who is this girl? Did I kill her? What a waste. She would have been a great pet. I dropped the body and watched as it began to vanish. Something in me cried out but I shook whatever it was away. I don't know this woman. She isn't of value if she's dead.


I woke up in a cold sweat. What the fuck was that? Was it real? No, it couldn't have been real if I remember her. _____, the love- the girl I have to kill in order to maintain my seat as the sixth Espada when Aizen returns. But if I had to kill her why was everything in me so opposed to it?

"See her".

I jumped toward the sound and slammed whoever it was into the wall, my hand tight around their throat. "Ulquiorra", I released my grip but didn't let go. Who in hell did he think he was sneaking into my room at night. Fucking creep. I grunted at my own thoughts then got serious again. "See her? Who? _____? How the hell did you-"

In the calm way that pisses me off, Ulquiorra got out of my grip. "Grimmjow, you're as easy to read as a child. You show your emotions like a human does", again with his high and mighty bullshit. I just wanted to kill him, but not yet. "I'm sure Aizen would permit you to see her once more... before you murder her".

"I don't give a damn what Aizen would permit! He's the damn idiot that's locked upon the Soul Society, not me. I can do whatever the hell I want!", why was he always so damned concerned about what Aizen would allow?

"Fine, do what you wish, but she has to be dead within the next twelve days. That should be the amount of time you have as an Espada. After that you will become human, but she still won't be safe. Aizen will have her killed", he paused and then looked at me with those empty eyes. Sadness swept over me. That never happened before. I know it could happen to humans but no arrancar. He could show us things but feeling was never apart of it. "And then Aizen will kill you".


I stood outside the door. It looked foreign although I'd been here before countless times. There was a weird feeling in my stomach. I heard Ulquiorra's words in my head. You will become human. That pissed me off.

Not bothering to knock I opened the door. She always left it unlocked when she was home. It was a bad habit of hers but she was convinced that if anyone was bold enough to just walk in that they wanted to die. I scoffed. What they wanted was to kill you, I thought, like me.

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