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So, I have a test for you guys. A really good friend of mine has agreed to collaborate with me to make this story over the top and over the edge hot! Here's a little exert from one of his works. Vote if you want something like this in the story. And comment. Later Luvs!


Rolling onto my side I watch you sleep, staring hungrily at your slightly parted lips, your breast rising and falling with every breath you take.

Propping up on one elbow I stare lustfully at your nipples still hard with excitement from our hours of love making last night.

Watching your breast rise and fall, your nipples hard, your areolas still flushed a dark red in the dim light of the bedroom excites me. I can feel my cock hardening and my mouth salivating at the thought of sucking your nipples like I did just hours ago.

You moan shifting your body so the thin cotton sheet barely covering your naked body slips down a little farther, my cock now fully erect at the thoughts of the passion we shared mire hours ago come flooding back in. As my gaze follows the curves of your body downward I see the treasure that the shifting of your body has uncovered.

Your dampened pubic hair surrounding the still passion engorged lips of your pussy causes my hard on to throb.

I lick my lips and can still taste the sweetness of your juices from the night before. My cock throbs even more as I move down to the foot of the bed.

Moving slowly I ease between your feet. Gently taking one foot in each hand easing them apart as I slowly spread your legs open to my lust filled gaze.

Leaning down I press my lips to the inside of your left calf kissing and licking my way to your knee, then back again, then back and forth with your right leg. I freeze momentarily as you moan softly and spread your legs father apart.

Seeing you're still asleep or at least I think you're still asleep I start licking and kissing the inside of your left knee. Kissing and caressing the inside of your thighs I work my way upward, nibbling and licking left then right, back and forth. I kiss then I lick, I nibble then I kiss, sliding my hands up and down your legs as the head of my cock pulses even more intensely with excitement and a desire to slide into your invitingly delicious pussy.

Leaning forward I lie between your legs. Resting my head on your leg I feel the soft smoothness of your inner thigh pressing against my cheek.

Taking a deep breath I savor the intoxicating aroma of your pussy, the sweet musky smell of your essence inhaling deeply. Your sweet musky sent driving me even wilder with a lustful desire for you that mere words alone can never express.

Pressing my mouth to the outer lips of your pussy I tenderly kiss my way up and down your slit. With the tip of my tongue I gently tease the gossamer like hair surrounding the outer lips of your pussy.

I lovingly trace the outer lips of your deliciously sweet pussy with my tongue. Inhaling your sent I tremble with excitement as I run my finger tips through the silky strands of your neatly trimmed pubic hair, my touch causing you to spread your legs even farther and moan deeply as you shift in your sleep.

Pressing with the balls of my thumbs I slowly spread the outer lips of your pussy open licking the inner most folds. Moaning deep in my throat with pleasure I savor the ambrosia like droplets of your juices as I start to tease your pussy. Licking upward and then downward to your perineum then back up I delight in your taste, your smell, the very texture of your pussy.

With the tip of my nose I nuzzle your clitoral hood my tongue probing beyond the inner folds of your pussy penetrating you as deeply as I can.

I moan my tongue tickling the inner walls of your pussy as your juices flow across my lips in a vain attempt to quench my lustful thirst. Each delicious droplet succeeding only in firing the flames of my desire higher as I continue to slurp and suck up every drop.

Teasingly I lick the tip of your clitoris, grazing your little love button as it rises from the delicate pink folds of your clitoral hood.

My tongue stroking and caressing the pearl like tip of your clitoris as it pushes up from between the passion inflamed lips that surround it like the dew covered petals of a delicate pink flower.

Lifting my head slightly I grind my chin into your perineum, my three days growth of beard stubble tickling you. Sliding my tongue under your clitoris I give it a long slow lick, savoring your juices beaded like the droplets of morning dew. I move my head up and down slowly, your sweet wetness coating my lips as I trace the softness of your inner lips with the tip of my tongue. Then pressing my lips to the lips of your pussy I slip my tongue inside French kissing you. My tongue swirling around as I pull back ever so slightly, curling my tongue I wrap it around your passion inflamed clitoris enfolding it in a meaty sheath.

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