Chapter 3 LEMON

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Grimmjow's POV

She had been testing me all day not knowing how much I wanted her, but now I had her and I wasn't letting go. My hands ravaged her body as she arched her back in pleasure practically begging me for more.

I started grinding into her, slow then working up speed. She moaned passed my lips and I lost it. I kissed her neck almost like I was devouring it and my hands went wherever they pleased. Grabbing her nice soft ass, rubbing her tits, everything. Her body was so perfect and I wanted it all.

I lifted her up, wrapping her legs around my waist I carried her to my room. Not even bothering to close the door I laid her down on my sheets and tore my shirt off. It was a nice shirt, but I had money and plus she was worth it.

Her dark brown eyes soaked me in as I stood there bare chest in front of her. She got up and crawled to the edge of the bed and kneeled so she was almost eye level. Her fingers traced the scar on my chest that went all the way down my stomach but she didn't stop there, she yanked my belt off smirking.

I cupped her face in my hands, "Damn, why are you so sexy?", I leaned into her with all my force kissing her as though my love would pour into her. Love? Love. I fucking loved her.

We fell to the bed and I kicked off my pants only in my boxers. As I kissed her, my hand traveled to her back where the zipper lie. I tugged a bit and the zipper came but the dress stayed. _____ giggled, "There's a clasp, stupid". My fingers fumbled at the clasp but I finally got it off.

She shrugged the dress off, it was all black with a lace halter sorta thingy. She wasn't wearing a bra so her tits damn near jumped out at me. They were huge. Not as big as Rangiku's but she put Victoria Secret models to shame.

I didn't even care the dress was only half off I was so excited I immediately started sucking and playing with her tits making sure neither felt neglected. She has this sweet light moan that drove me crazy. I ripped the dress off and looked down at her little black g-string. The waistbands and string blue almost matching my hair. That turned me on even more.

Putting a hardened nipple back in my mouth I licked and played while I rubbed the outside of her underwear which were fucking soaked. I just wanted to dive into her but I resisted knowing it wasn't all about me.

I kissed her nubs one more time each then kissed all the way down pulling the lacy underwear off with my teeth.

Your POV

Grimmjow kissed his way back up my leg up to my clit. His tongue working it's way between my lips. He was slow at first then sped up. I moan loudly in pure bliss grabbing and clinging to the sheets for support.

I felt my first orgasm coming on as my legs shook and my back arched involuntarily. I ran a hand through his blue hair and pulled but he stopped smirking, "You gotta beg for it", he said taking small licks at my clit.

"Grimmjow, please", I moaned quietly, my voice shaking. A finger touched my entrance, barely entering. I was gonna lose it. He pushed a little teasing the fuck out of me. I couldn't take it any longer! "Grimmjow make me cum!", I shouted and no sooner had I voiced the words had he began thrusting his finger deep into me. A moan of pleasure racked my body as I released onto his finger.

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