Chapter 15

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My head felt groggy. Like someone had bashed me over the head with a paddle and I was still reacting to the blow. My lids were clouded over, black and grey and it was somewhat hard to breathe. Eyes heavy I peeled them open, the world was even more cloudy than my head. I was in a hospital at first glance. But how did I end up here? A stretch coursed through me as my body was waking up.

I screamed. Everything hurt. It felt like I had been hit by a semi truck. Maybe two. My sides ached and my legs burned. The pain overwhelmed me consuming me and again I was met with darkness.

I've never experienced anything so excruciating and to be honest I just wanted to sleep through it. Why was I in so much pain? Soon I was hearing voice that I assumed were just me going crazy. I was unconscious, well not really anymore, in a hospital, in high amounts of pain. That doesn't sound like your average Tuesday. Tuesday. Is it even Tuesday?-

"Tuesday, February 12", I heard someone say. Had I been talking out loud? "She's still unconscious, name unknown. Conditions seem to be improving, doctors say vitals are normal... but it's been too long. Why hasn't she woken up?", so he wasn't talking to me.

And what's this about no one knowing my name? I'm (y/n). I am (y/height), my hair is (h/c), I have (e/c) eyes, and I live in (town/city).

"What did you say?", the voice was now at my ear.

Peeling my eyes open, half afraid it would hurt, I looked in the direction of the voice. The man next to me was shockingly beautiful in an odd way. He had cyan blue colored hair, electric blue eyes, hard, precise features and even wore a little eyeliner. He looked vaguely familiar but then again everyone in the world does.

"I said", I started to repeat but my voice was raw and scratchy making it painful to talk. "Can I get some water, please?", I asked looking around, for what, I'm not sure but the way he was looking at me made me uncomfortable.

He straightened his back, he had been stooping to talk to me, and was now standing tall over me. Oh my. He was dressed only in blue jeans and a black T-shirt and sneakers. His arms were toned and muscular but in the lean way anyone can find attractive.

Jamming his hands into his pockets he strutted to the door, throwing it open before peeking his head out of the doorway and into the hall. I watched as he motioned for someone to come and shortly after saw a nurse appear.

"She needs water", his voice was so gruff and harsh it was like he had barked out an order rather than made a casual statement.

The nurse nodded before shuffling away. The man came back into the room, shutting the door, and sat next to me in a chair provided for guests. He sat back his arms outstretched over the back of the chair before folding them behind his head. Everything about him was uncaring and he reeked of dominance. It was extremely intimidating.

"So", now his eyes roamed over me until they found my eyes, "what's your name, kid?".

Oh please. One of these guys. "I'm not a kid, jerk. I'm twenty-one", I rolled my eyes. Guys like him always thought everyone around them had some type of inferiority in comparison to themselves. What a foolish way to think.

He raised an eyebrow with amusement. "Well, I guess that means I owe you a drink when you get out of this place, huh?", his voice changed, he sounded mocking but I guess when you're arrogant everything comes out as mocking.

Despite his mocking tone his comment made me wonder, "Why am I here in the first place? And where the heck is that nurse?!".

The man's eyes bulged with anger? What the hell? He stormed out of the room and into the hall. There was yelling heard and cursing and my goodness he has a colorful vocabulary. I cringed just thinking how I'd never want to be on his bad side. I even think I heard someone get thrown.

After a few minutes he stormed back in his face red, eyes bright with fury. Grumbling he handed me a bottle of water I hadn't seen he had. "They're a bunch of idiots here", he mumbled to me still very obviously on edge.

All this rage an arrogance was hilarious. My laugh escaped me, I couldn't have stopped myself if I tried.

The man glanced at me, his eyes glowing in a strange way I didn't recognize. "What's your name?", he asked again but this time more sternly than the last.


My head was spinning and I couldn't get a grasp on it. Finally my vision cleared. Looking around I was in my living room. Grimmjow was nowhere in sight. I wiped my eyes getting a glimpse of my have in the process. My skin looked aged and weathered like an old dried up prune. I looked around again, something wasn't right, it was like I was staring into two different dimensions at once.

Grimmjow finally appeared. He was carrying a small infant, bouncing it in his arms and cooing gently.  My son! I called his name. But I wasn't heard. What was going on? I called for Grimmjow again. This time he looked up from our son, dark circles from lack of sleep rimmed his eyes.

His eyes lit up. "(Y/N)! Sayuri!", he held up his finger signalling to give him a moment. He walked to the nursery still bouncing and cooing returning to me only a few moments later. "I'm going to get you out baby, just hold on".

I nodded in response. My body was completely submerged in water or a similar liquid. I could move freely within it but I could not get out of it. I turned and swiveled taking notice to a list of things; my hair was much longer, my skin was glowing and my home was genuinely a mess.

Grimmjow mimicked a technique our comrade Yami used to suck the soul from humans much too often. No one really used it as much as he did but then again no one was as greedy as he was either.

The liquid around me dissipated being absorbed by Grimmjow. I watched as gradually his appearance improved bit by bit. Slowly I felt gravity beginning to pull me back to the ground. My feet barely had time to reacqaint to carpet before I was retrieved from the air by a fully revitalized Grimmjow.

"Whoa there, Grimmkitty, you're squeezing out my life source", I joked to which he responded, "Shut your mouth and let me hold you", and so I did. He obviously had been through a lot so I would not push him. I held him... and he refused to let go.

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