Chapter 3 continued...

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I awoke to Grimmjow's soft breathing. He looked so sweet and innocent in his sleep which he is anything but. I pushed a hair from his face and his eyes drowsily opened.

"Hey beautiful", he said pulling me close to him. "How'd you sleep?".

"Good", I said smiling. Last night was a great night. I confessed to liking Grimmjow and he said it back. We also did other things but I won't get into that. But last night was perfect.

I felt his body shift over mine as he positioned himself over me. My stomach fluttered and my heart was hammering against my breast plate. The look in his eyes excited me but I was afraid for what I knew was coming. Did I really want to do this?

"I promise I'll be gentle", The words rolling off his tongue like how water rolls off stone. His touch made me shiver.

I nodded, draping my arms over his shoulders I prepared myself for him.

His tip lightly and expertly found my entrance. Pressing into me I felt my body split and a feeling like water rushing through ice washed through me. I tossed my head back in pleasure as he drove himself into me. Then I felt a pinch and the pinch grew into a rip. Burying my face in his neck I breathed deeply attempting to ease the pain I felt. Damn, why did it hurt so bad.

Grimmjow whispered softly in my ear the pain would be over soon, stroking my hair. He thrust in one more time and I felt my body pop. I bit his neck unintentionally but he just groaned and soon the pain was gone. Each thrust went deeper and I craved the next as much as I thrived on the one before. I never knew I could feel like this, like I was being completed.

There was a muffled meow at the door. Pantera and Kaneshon were trying to get in. Grimmjow sluggishly rolled over and got out of bed to open the door. The two kittens rushed in meowing and pouncing and playing. Grimmjow put on a pair of sweatpants and tossed me a pair along with a T-shirt of his and walked out. "I'm gonna make some cereal, want some?"

I jumped into the oversized pants and shirt and rushed after him, "Nooo! You never put enough milk in", I whined.

"It isn't my fault you drown your cereal!", he said scowling.

I stopped in front of him giving him the finger and sticking my tongue out. "Don't judge me you angry kitty".

That did it. "Now you have to be punished", Grimmjow picked me up by the waist and carried me back to the room me giggling the whole way there. "What about the cereal?", I laughed. "You don't get cereal in the hospital", he said throwing me down on the bed.

"Are you threatening me, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques?", I furrowed my brow in mock anger.

"Only if you hate pleasure", he said pouncing on me. And this was the start of our lives together.

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