Part B

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"He sent you to kill me him being the sick bastard he is knew you wouldn't be able to do it so you planned something yourself", my mind raced with the possibilities and settled in the worst one. Eyes wide I didn't want to think about it. How could someone be so cruel? I hated Aizen for this. He was always one still ahead of the game. One step ahead of everyone else. He was so calculative and I hated it. "You were going to get Grimmjow to try but you flipped everything knitting he wouldn't be able to if I broke my seal, but what you forgot is that Aizen knows!", I screamed. "He knew this was the way things would turn out. That's why he made you do it because he knew that after I found out I'd want him dead. And I do. But he also would know this would go one of two ways; either you'd let me through or I'd have to go through you...", I let out a demented chuckle. I knew what I'd have to do and it disturbed me but the plot of it all was so well thought out, do perfect, I could do nothing but applaud Aizen. He was a genius but he was not invincible and he knew this also. My plan formed in my head but I had to act immediately. "I'm so sorry brother".


I had to find Grimmjow but the tears wouldn't stop coming. The tears, they flowed abundantly into an invisible river that seemed to trickle back into me and I cried the same tears over and over again. Things were not the same and wild only get messier once I entered the Soul Society. I just prayed that my mistakes would be forgiven.

Light peeked at me lazily as I ran, brightening until it hurt to look but I did not stop. I ran through the light and let myself fall to the ground. The Soul Society... It was beautiful. The street was paved and before me was a great wall, the entrance closed tight. The sky was blue overhead clouds moved freely like in the world of the living. Everything was so peaceful and serene... Was Aizen really being kept here?

"Are you the one coming to look for, Sosuke Aizen?", a calm voice asked me.

I spun around and was face to face with a soul reaper. He had long chocolate brown waves that he was barely keeping pulled back in a thick ponytail. His captain's jacket was covered lazily with a flowered pink kimono that he had simply draped over his shoulders.

"You're prettier than I expected", his words shocked me but I showed no emotion. Who was this man and what did he want? I could sense his spiritual pressure was great although a large amount was being suppressed. He must be a captain like Aizen. "You're not much of a talker are you?", he asked giving his neck awkwardly. I was trying to get a read on him, figure his motives but all I got was thus calm aura about him. A sigh escaped his lips and he looked directly at me. The duration of time that we had come in contact he had done a job at keeping his eyes covered by his large rice hat but now he was openly observing me. "What's your name, kid?", he asked another question taking a different approach at communicating with me.

I must have seemed extremely rude to this man. "My name is, Sayuri Kinsho... Captain-"

"What a beautiful name", he nodded observantly. "Befitting of a girl like you. I'm Captain Kyouraku Shunsui of the first division court guard squad", he released a slew of information. That was something unheard of. No one told that much of that intended to battle. "So, I assume you are here to go after that Espada that just came here but I'm afraid you're too late", was he talking about Grimmjow? "It seems that he's slipped passed all of our security and is on his way to the holding chamber where Aizen is being held prisoner", why was he being so calm about this? Wouldn't someone in his position be trying to rid the Soul Society of any hollow intruder? Did they not kill hollows here?

"Why are you being so calm, Captain? Are we not hollows? Do we not pose a threat to your peaceful world?", I questioned. None of this seemed right. Something was off about this entire situation. But what? I examined the man more closely then or surroundings. What was going on here?

"What is wrong, Sayuri? Is something the matter?", something in his voice had changed and it reminded me of something.

I shook my head. "No, Captain, but I have a purpose for being here and I can no longer waste any more time", I stated bluntly. The need to get too Grimmjow was growing indefinitely. Something was wrong and I was wasting time here.

"I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that", he spoke smoothly and calmly. So, he was there to stop me. He saw my intent to get passed him although I did not utter a word. "It seems we're at a standstill, Sayuri".

So it seems, Captain. I did not want to fight but I needed to get too Aizen before Grimmjow did something stupid like get himself killed. And this guy, being the captain of the first division had to be extremely skilled and strong in combat. It wouldn't be a quick fight but it also wouldn't be impossible. Although I didn't know his full strength I was going to defeat him. It was imperative.


My stomach was cut but so was his leg. It was hard to breathe but he could not move at full speed. The battle was dragging on but I had to put an end to it.

"You're a very skilled opponent. I might have underestimated you... My apologies", although he was suffering from a severe wound he was still so tranquil.

I didn't say a word or make a move to attack. Instead I sheathed my zanpakuto. His eyes widened but narrowed with the anticipation of an attack. Little did he know that I had already beaten him. I watched slowly as my petal floated through the air toward him, lazily and intangible. He couldn't even see it coming but I could. It made me wonder why it was invisible to his eyes until it landed on his chest. Emitting a humming white glow the petal pierced his skin and disappeared.

"What the-"

"Flutter, Kaneshon".

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