Chapter 12

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"I'm sorry, Captain", I apologized sincerely to the man that lay immobilized at my feet. A captain of his power and rank and skill only deserved to be defeated nobly but I had to end this battle quickly before time ran out for all of us. I had to save my strength for Aizen. "But I need to hurry or we will all suffer", I called back the sliver of my blade that had tumbled recklessly through his body. It had hit every vital organ except his heart. That, I did not dare destroy or scar. I was not here to kill or even to harm anyone but the man who made my life a living nightmare. "I know you will heal soon, I did not do much damage but when you do evacuate the Soul Society because I know Aizen will turn this grand city into a battlefield...", I paused as he slowly regained hits breathing. It was harsh and raspy as he gurgled blood from his damaged lungs. "Thank you for giving me the honor to touch swords with you. It was a grace I will never forget".

Standing tall I searched my inner world for a sign of Grimmjow. I knew he was close. I could feel him. Suddenly I felt a strong tug in one direction. There. Hold on, Grimm, I'm coming. Silently I urged him to stay alive and nor do anything stupid. We had to survive this. I refused to let Aizen win.

I found myself zipping through the grand city my feet leading the way. No one stopped me or even saw me. The fact the Soul Society seemed nearly deserted scared me. Something was dangerously tilting the scales of balance here. No doubt it had something to do with Aizen. If I wasn't fast it would be hard to evade the destruction I knew was to come.

Frozen. That's all I could describe my current state as. Utterly plastered in place by the one man I had been chasing. "Aizen", I could feel my skin crawling and my blood running cold. If he was already free then where-

"Oh beautiful Sayuri, how are you fairing in these ever changing times? Hm?", He was mocking me and I couldn't even see his face.

The spiritual pressure was pressing me to the floor beneath my feet and crushing me. How had he gotten stronger? I thought he was locked away! This wasn't possible.

"My dear, Sayuri, it isn't that you've lost your manners, has it, that you don't face me and speak properly? The human world can do that I suppose", a smooth chuckle rolled from his lips making me shiver. He knew exactly how he was affecting me. What a monster!

Laughter burst forth from him. It frightened me but I dare not show it. I had come here to defeat him and now he was taking me as a joke. How far he!?

I straightened myself and faced him. In the nanosecond it took me to do so he had managed to close the distance between our figures.
3rd Person POV
The cunning brute and the lethal flower. Both interlocked in an internal battle of who was predator and whom the prey. A dance of masks. Beauty masks the most feared and dangerous potential while silence and intellect merge with strength and skill. Sayuri fears she is trapped with nowhere to go as his brooding chocolate gaze bores into her own. What is he thinking?
Aizen's POV
What is she hiding? There is no way she believes that I have won. She's too knowledgeable to think something like that. She knows exactly what I am doing. I can see it in those violet eyes. There's a plan beneath the surface. She is prepared to defeat me.... Not even Ichigo Kurosaki could match my power for longer than an hour. But her.... she might. She may be the one to finally find the blemish in this face of mine. She just might. And I want her too.

Too long have I been a caged victor to my own power. Seeking someone worthy. Looking and searching but never finding the true treasure. She is that treasure. The one who will defeat me. I will honorably accept that loss.

As I tuck her chin between my thumb and forefinger I observe as she trembles. How beautiful even in fear. Involuntarily I grin. Embarrassed I lower my face so she can only hear my voice and not see my shameful face. She quivers but does not shrink away. Brave girl. "My dear Sayuri. I'm sorry", knowing that will get her attention.


Again a smirk crosses my features. Right on time.... Grimmjow.

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