Chapter 7

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Pantera and Kaneshon had been playing all day, it seemed, while I was gone. Today I had gone out job hunting since there was no way I'd be staying at Grimmjow's firm. When I got home the place was a mess and the two growing kittens were still running and jumping around. It wasn't like their usual playfulness it was like they had new energy.

I set my things down by the couch and got to work. Rolling up my sleeves I got to work. First I trapped the feisty kittens in the backyard so I could clean effectively. I started working on the living room first and decided to work my way back to my room. The whole time I had the strange feeling I was being watched but I knew I was just being paranoid.

After finishing the living room and kitchen it was time for my room which I had successfully left open for the rampaging kittens. Screw my life. My bed was a mess and all of my makeup was scattered in the floor. The dirty clothes hamper was knocked over and it's contents in messy piles scattered haphazardly over the carpeted floor.

"Great", I mumbled. This was going to be so much fun. I swear if those kittens walked on two legs and had ten fingers and ten toes they'd be dead.

I started back to work picking up my clothes first. Something fell in the living room. Shit! How did the kittens get back in? I knew they were crafty but this was a whole new level of crafts. This was breaking and entering.

Hurrying into the living room I found that the window had just blown open. A door slammed causing me to jump ten feet in the air. It was just my bedroom door. The wind must have blown it shut. Going over to the open window I closed and locked it.

I finished cleaning my room a half hour later. I let the kittens back in and they were back to their usual playful selves. Nix the accidental vandalism of my apartment though. It was so weird. The only time they really ever got that bad was back at Grimmjow's when he was home and playing with them egging them on. When it was just me they were well behaved and calm. Something wasn't right.

Speaking of Grimmjow it has been nearly two weeks since I last saw him. Since I told him I hated him. My chest tightened and I wanted to cry. I should have never said that. My emotions had gotten the best of me and now I just had to live with it. Maybe one day I'll be able to trust him and we'll try again but I knew that was all hopeful wishing.

Although he had cheated on me, who knows how many times, I still loved him. Life was hard without him, but it was for the best. Grimm and I needed a break. Hopefully, later on down the road we can forgive each other.


It was storming tonight. The kittens were curled up on together near my tummy looking like the Yin and Yang symbol. I suppose they were in a way. Pantera was all lightning and fury while Kaneshon was calm thunder.

I had woken up to the sound of my own sniffles. Tonight was another night that I dreamt of Grimmjow. He had been haunting my dreams for days now. Maybe it was because I missed him so much but none of the dreams were pleasant.

Tonight's dream I was running down a hallway that only led to dead ends. Someone was chasing me. I took a random turn and slammed right into Grimmjow's hard chest. Sobbing wildly into his arms I confessed my love for him but he didn't speak. He was silent and it was frightening. I looked up and his azure eyes were glowing with a purple light and his teeth were razor sharp. He looked rabid and resembled a predatorial feline. There was blood on the corner of his lips and I knew it was mine. He grinned wickedly making my heart stop. Out of nowhere his hand struck out and pierced my cheat running me all the way through. The pure force of the attack knocking the wind from my lungs. I was so confused and looked to my attacker for help but it wasn't Grimmjow it was a man with chocolate brown hair and matching eyes. He was so attractive but everything about him screamed danger and it was too late to run.  I was caught and there I died.

Every night there were variations of this same dream. Squeezing my eyes I pushed the dream to the back of my mind with all the others. Pushing the covers aside I got up from my bed and walked to the bathroom but I could swear I heard voices. Theft sounded strangely familiar.

Going toward the sounds I figured it was two males. My heart started beating out of my chest. I was going to die tonight. Two men had broken into my house and now they're going to kill me.

"Are you sure this is the place?", one asked. "It seems a little too plain to me. Nothing's out of order or anything".

"Yep, these are the exact coordinates that Kisuke gave me. If I'm right, the girl is here, in the room down the hall", said the other.

"Are you sure she's even the one Aizen wants? I mean, she has a little spiritual pressure but not much for him to worry about". Spiritual pressure? What's that?

"Well, whatever the case is we have to make sure she stays alive for the next couple days. Kisuke says her powers might awaken by then". Powers? What powers?

Whoever these people were they were crazy. Whatever spiritual pressure is they can keep it and powers, no one has powers. Only characters in stories and manga have powers. I slowly crept away back down the hall to my bedroom.

"Did you hear something", one asked. Oh shit. I was going to get caught and die.

I heard feet padding against the floor so I took off at a sprinting pace for my room. Shouting could be heard behind me but I was too scared to listen. My room seemed so far away! I turned to see if they were following me anymore but no one was. Maybe it was just my imaginas-

Oomph! I ran into something rock hard. It was a tall guy, maybe Grimmjow's height or even a little taller with bright red hair pulled back in a spiky ponytail. He had tattoos on his forehead and his arms. They were some sort of tribal marks and he was wearing a white shitagi, a black kosode and hakama, a pair of white tabi, and a white obi. Even through all of his clothing you could tell he was fit.

"Oh!", I squeaked. He was attractive although he looked kind of mean. I shrunk away from him only to bump into someone else. I spun around and came face to chin with another giant attractive guy. This one had orange hair that looked soft and was messy. He looked about my age, like the other guy, but he had a goofy smile on his face.

I was so tired I couldn't believe my eyes. "Ichigo? Renji?", they looked so different dressed up like this. It was so strange but it was definitely my friends.

Renji grunted.

I stared at the two men confused. Soul reapers? What the heck was a soul reaper? And why were they in my apartment? How did they even get in?

"You're scaring her, Renji!", Ichigo shouted at the man now behind me.

"How am I scaring her?", he shot back.

"Well,  maybe if you didn't always frown all the time you wouldn't be so damn intimidating. I'm sorry, _____, to barge in l'île this. We didn't know this was your place", Ichigo commented and even though I know they were serious it looked much too comical.

"That's my face you idiot!", Renji shouted back at Ichigo clearly offended.

I stood between the two bickering colleagues more confused than ever. What was going on?

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