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Hiya, peeps! Views have been skyrocketing! OMG! Thanks to everyone that's been voting and commenting! It's awesome! As you already know, I love you guys, but I have very sad news, this story will be ending within 5-10 chapters give or take some. But! I am thinking of either doing an epilogue orrrr a sequel... Possibly. If this story gets 2k votes I will upload an epilogue and any more than that I will do a sequel. However, the time span starts from today all the way to Christmas. If it's close then I might do a surprise extension.

Today is September 6th, 2014 so there is another three months and two weeks to do this so start voting for your favorite chapters. If you liked the bonus chapter vote for it. Comments are worth three votes so start commenting if you don't. Do not be scared to comment. There are over 6k other freaks who read this smut so you are not alone in enjoying it.

Also! to those who are adding this to their library, you fucking rock! I love you! Every time someone adds this to their library I do a little dance that involves a lot of thrashing and wiggling. Don't judge me.

And there ya have it. I hope to update soon but that's going to be hard. Oh! I'm a flag football coach and I'm really freaking excited! But yeah, between that and job schtuff I'm going to be busy. I will try to update every two weeks, I know that's a long wait but I don't want to lie and say one week and that turns into a week and a day. Just playing it safe.

So, enjoy and Fine Reads ❤

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