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Parenting A Strawberry by Niruji
Parenting A Strawberryby Niruji._
Ichigo turns into a child when he accidentally swallows a few pills that Grimmjow had in his pockets. Grimmjow decided to take him back to Las Noches and kill him if he...
  • espada
  • daddy
  • children
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I'll be there {Grimmjow x reader} by grimm__kitty
I'll be there {Grimmjow x reader}by Grimmjow
Oh look another x reader .... what a fucking surprise....
  • wattys2018
  • grimmjowxreader
  • espada
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Bleach Boyfriend Scenarios by bbub14
Bleach Boyfriend Scenariosby bbub14
To a Strawberry, a short snow head Soul Reaper, then a red pineapple! All these boys are yours in this book ladies! Characters so far: Ichigo, Renji, Toshiro, Ulquiorra...
  • cjustanime
  • shunsui
  • anime
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The Guardian of Fairy Tail || Bleach/FairyTail crossover fanfiction by PhoenixFiare
The Guardian of Fairy Tail || Natalie)-(Rome
- DISCONTINUED - At the end of Ichico Kurosaki's battle with Grimmjow Jeagerjaques a strange and unusual garganta opens up and pulls the two in. When they come to, they...
  • ichigo
  • harvestfestival
  • guild
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the tale of panthera's flower( GrimmjowxOC Lemon) by jinglebells_18
the tale of panthera's flower( Im Jirongie
# 469 in fanfiction aizen creates a fraccion for grimmjow and pair him up with her. Heuco Mundo and soul society are now coming in good terms. as espadas and arrancars a...
  • captain
  • baby
  • mature
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◀ Ocean Wide ▶ Byakuya Kuchiki ✔ by Fenris-Anastasia
◀ Ocean Wide ▶ Byakuya Kuchiki ✔by Mother of The Wolves
What if Hisana wasn't the first person Byakuya fell for? What would he do if she came back? 💐 "I can't let go of the memories we shared together." ⭐ ↪ I only...
  • grimmjowxoc
  • grimmjow
  • renjixoc
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Bleached Into An Anime |bleach| [finished] by juubantai
Bleached Into An Anime |bleach| [ ♥ nique ♥
What would happen if two otaku best friends enter the world of Bleach? Well, Jenny and Sadie end up there, with none other then Aizen and the rest of the Arrancars. What...
  • teleported
  • bleach
  • grimmjow
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I Just Been Bleached (Bleach Fanfiction) by IllusiveVixen
I Just Been Bleached (Bleach オペラ座の意地の悪い女
I never believed in alternative universes, I figured it was just some crazy theory cooked-up by some loony scientist. I went from watching TV in my dorm room to being su...
  • ichigo
  • aizen
  • gin
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Bleach (various) x reader one shots [REQUESTS CLOSED]  by _Kbangtan_
Bleach (various) x reader one 방탄소년단
High school student (y/n), (L/n) is a normal soul reaper until fate gets in the way and you find your self in a situation where these handsome soul reapers are here to h...
  • lemon
  • xreader
  • espada
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Seen (Bleach) by Niruji
Seen (Bleach)by Niruji._
Ichigo has been able to see Ghost's and apparently the Spirits of Zanpakuto's. He's always wondered what the Old man tailing him was. The Old man said he wasn't a ghost...
  • yaoi
  • shiro
  • ichigo
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Bleach Father Scenarios by GoldenBeatrice777
Bleach Father Scenariosby GoldenBeatrice777
Ok, so this is a book for Bleach Father Scenarios. Please read the first chapter for various house rules and such. The people I'll be using for this book are as follows:...
  • family
  • renji
  • kurosaki
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The Day I Fell Into Bleach by AmethystStar19
The Day I Fell Into Bleachby Violeta
The day I fell into bleach was the day my life changed and I couldn't believe it. My life was about to change in so many ways and not only that but I was going to fall i...
  • shinji
  • adventure
  • love
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Bleach: Spade's Journey by AFurryNamedSpade
Bleach: Spade's Journeyby Joker of Flames
(Brief Disclaimer:This is Both an AU of Bleach and a Fanfiction with some of My OCs okay, Okay Carry on) okay so I wanted to Pay Homage to my Favorite Anime growing up a...
  • ichi
  • karakuratown
  • fujiwara
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Grimmjow's Sister (BLEACH FANFICTION) by hitsurrin
Grimmjow's Sister (BLEACH animelover😍😘
This story is about Grimmjow having a little sister who he protects and love the most and how they meet again after many years
  • soulreaper
  • toshirohitsugaya
  • ichigo
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Bleach Lemon Oneshots {Reboot} by TheMorriganXIII
Bleach Lemon Oneshots {Reboot}by The Morrigan
Everything is back, and there will be some new stuff as well. Renewed works: - Pantera Trances| Grimmjow X OC ~Baron~ - A Test of Loyalty| Ulquiorra Schiffer X OC ~Inse...
  • bleach
  • jushiro
  • manga
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Strange One (Bleach Fanfic) by Debbekham
Strange One (Bleach Fanfic)by Debbekham
*Editing in progress* Everyone in Karakura Town and the soul society are happy. Doing there job. Especially the soul reapers. Ichigo Kurosaki protects his town. He isnt...
  • karakuratown
  • ichigo
  • vampire
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Anime Oneshots by YukiYunaStar
Anime Oneshotsby Yuki
Eyyyyyy just an Otaku coming to write some x reader Oneshots. BTW please request. I love when people request. (Anime that I know and you can request characters from) -K...
  • grimmjow
  • souleater
  • bnha
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|Bleach: LA ESPECIE EXTINTA 2|  |LA GUERRA SANTA| by AthziryArias
|Bleach: LA ESPECIE EXTINTA 2| | Athziry Arias
❝A diferencia de Aizen Sosuke y tú, Yhwach y yo tenemos fuertes lazos de sangre que nos unirán incluso en la muerte❞ Después de derrotar a su hermano, Kaori se vuelve Go...
  • ichiruki
  • neko
  • romance
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Missed me? by WildRose1996
Missed me?by WildRose Forever
  • arrancar
  • bleach
  • grimmjow
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Hōgyoku by DumplingSake
Hōgyokuby Andrea A.
Sosuke Aizen, the leader of the arrancars and has complete dominance over the Hogyoku. He knows everything and plans things out as if he were a god, but he didn't have t...
  • fracción
  • aizen
  • ulquiorra
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