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Chapter 14

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WARNING!! Extreme sexual content!

It's been three full days since they released me from squad four's barracks. I gave up my apartment to Ulqui and I was living with Grimmjow again. Grimmjow was still asleep and I was in the kitchen. I decided to make him breakfast in bed today. He likes waffles so I made those, omelettes, bacon, and sausage, oh, and sushi rolls because he likes fish for breakfast. Weirdo. I have something very important to tell Grimmjow today and I'm not sure how he'll take it...

A pair of hands rest on my hips and rock me back and forth on a rock hard body. I feel something solid hit the nape of my ass and my nether regions get hot and steamy. I'm sure he can smell the juices flowing already. Quickly I shake my head and dismiss those urges because they're not important right now.

"Come to bed with me. We'll eat later", his voice is husky and downright alluring but I need to focus.

Turning in his grasp I place both hands on his chest to create enough space to look him in the eye. My has he gotten taller?! Whatever. "No, baby, I, uh, I have to tell you something. And then we can go lay down again", I say nervously but I'm so excited I almost can't contain myself. I smile up into his gorgeous azure eyes. Ugh, can he be any more perfect?! Focus. "Grimmjow, I'm pregnant"....

This is not what I expected. I was hoping he'd be happy but I expected him to be angry. However I did not expect a nursery in the spare room! When did he even have time to do this? I mean it was amazing. The walls were blue and grey and there were tons of stuffed animals, two cribs- wait. Two cribs.

"Grimmjow, why are there two cribs?", I inquired raising an eyebrow.

"Two heartbeats equals two babies", he said simply. "Well, there are three but I assume one of them is going to be eaten by the others so I only built two".

My eyes widened. Not by the fact he could hear the heartbeats but by the fact he thought our babies were sharks! And three?! I was barely four months and I wasn't even showing. Three! "Grimmjow, I am not giving birth to ravenous undersea predators so you better build that third crib and now!", I bellowed a tad surprised at my own outburst. "Sorry", I added shyly, bowing my head and staring at my feet.

Grimmjow snickered as though I was the cutest thing to live. "Come 'ere. I'm just kidding. I haven't finished the third yet but I do know that we're going to have three very healthy kids, two girls and a boy I think is what the doctor said", he said mischievously.

"The doctor?".

"Yeah. Unohana said two girls and one boy. I'm sure of it. And that they'll be born any minute now", he was now thinking out loud. I could tell because he paid no mind to the furious look I was giving him.

"You mean to tell me you knew all along!", he snickered giving me a quick peck and dashing out of the room. "Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez! You no good dirty son of a-", I leaped over a couch after him and mid leap fell right from the air only to be caught by the devil himself.

"She said that would work too", pain ripped through me like a knife and I gripped his neck for dear life. The pain wasn't like normal pain it felt amazing, almost like intense lust. "Grimmjow", I stuttered needed him more than I ever imagined possible. "What's going on?". This was not normal. Is this what a contraction feels like to me? Oh my!

"This", he said grabbing me roughly by my sex making me growl with want, "is phase one of your giving birth. And from what I hear it isn't even the best part", now he was stepping out of his sweatpants letting himself spring free. "Oh, you're already wet for me", he entered me so fast my head spun.

The ecstasy I felt was mind splitting. With every thrust I felt myself cumming. It was exquisite. Then I felt a rip. I'm sure I went unconscious from it.

"That was just the sac ripping, part of the reason I have to do this", he explained into my ear, biting and nipping at the sensitive skin. He pulled my hips down to his crushing my body weight into him. Then he thrust, once, twice, three times, and I was screaming in pleasure. Something filled me to the brim and it was the best feeling because it was both painful and satisfying. Is this what it's like for an Espada to give birth? If so I'd have to do it again.

Each child came with ease. There was no pain or really any feeling at all. It was a blur. And then it was over. There were three new voices crying out to me but I was spent. From the earth shattering sex with my fiancé to giving birth, my body was beyond exhausted. But there was no rest for me.

I clutched the sides of the couch as Grimmjow rammed into me ruthlessly. Did he care that I'd just had three babies? A shiver quaked my body as I felt myself tighten around him, squeezing him dry of anything he had but he didn't stop. He slammed into my body repeatedly until I begging him to stop. It was like every time he hit that spot my walls would tighten, like he was making me a virgin again. He thrusted until my walls wouldn't let him. And then he licked me until my body convulsed and I was a shuddering mess.

"Grimmjowwww", I clawed his back but he didn't stop. I was screaming now, but he didn't stop. I was on cloud ninety-seven and he wasn't stopping until I couldn't count the clouds. So this went on for hours until he entered me one last time and I felt a hit rush of thick liquid shoot through me. It was like he was having me for the first time and it was addicting. I was putty in his hands and he was molding me and my was he a great artist.

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