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Late Night by KittyWillCutYou
Late Nightby Kitty
This was not the first time he'd come to pay her a visit unannounced and it surely would not be the last. Afterall, it wasn't as if she could ever bring herself to turn...
  • night
  • jaggerjack
  • grimmjow
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Grimmichi One-Shots (REQUESTS OPEN)  by ichigokurosaki678
Grimmichi One-Shots (REQUESTS ichigokurosaki678
This will be a collection of Grimmjow x Ichigo one-shots. This will include lemons, if requested. I will try to upload at least twice a week :D And YES I will be...
  • cute
  • pairing
  • grimmichi
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This sure as hell isn't home (Grimmjow love story) by Darkness_Frosted898
This sure as hell isn't home ( Darkness_Frosted898
A girl, just like you and me, from this our reality, is swept away from her whole world and life after she makes a wish that could turn out fatal. Follow Mai as she cras...
  • gin
  • jeagerjaques
  • fantasy
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Audacity by KittyWillCutYou
Audacityby Kitty
"...Maybe she's just stupid." -Grimmjow. GrimmjowXOc Oneshot.
  • bleach
  • jeagerjaques
  • grimmjow
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Beyond the Bounds by KittyWillCutYou
Beyond the Boundsby Kitty
Drawing the monsters of her nightmares had become the only way Chiori knew how to cope with the horrors she saw in her dreams, night after night. When strange things beg...
  • beyond
  • kurosaki
  • grimmjow
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Things Ulquiorra Doesn't Know About by ValentineRevenge
Things Ulquiorra Doesn't Know Aboutby Vennession
  • jeagerjaques
  • grimmjow
  • ulquiorra
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Of Names and Grocery Lists by KittyWillCutYou
Of Names and Grocery Listsby Kitty
A oneshot about Kittens, groceries, pants, and nicknames. Oh, woe is Grimmjow. GrimmjowXOc.
  • jeagerjaques
  • lists
  • kittens
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Little Things by KittyWillCutYou
Little Thingsby Kitty
.A collection of short drabbles centered mainly around Grimmjow Jeagerjaques and varying descriptions of original characters from various works. Open to suggestions (and...
  • love
  • anime
  • character
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Pathetic by KittyWillCutYou
Patheticby Kitty
"I really need to work on keeping my lunch in my stomach after a battle." GrimmjowXOC
  • pathetic
  • kurosaki
  • bleach
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Blueberries? by KittyWillCutYou
Blueberries?by Kitty
KittyWillCutYou: *sigh* Ladies and gentlemen, I believe she has a death wish. GrimmjowXOc.
  • jeagerjaques
  • bleach
  • grimmjow
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Cerezos De Sangre by AiSe94
Cerezos De Sangreby Aidee
La belleza es como la flor... con el tiempo se marchita
  • desamor
  • muerte
  • mpreg
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