Authors Note!

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Doo-da-da-doo (my fake trumpet sound) hello, peoples! Author here. Nice to meet you. And you. And you... oh, maybe not you... but anyway! I am writing this to say thank you all so much! On the borderline to 3.8K and I'm so excited. Can't believe one person has looked at this three thousand and seven hundred and something odd times, you are one amazing fan. If that's not the case and there are two of you... well, way to ruin my speech.

Anyway! Thanks so much but I'm gonna take this time to promote my new story. It's a Christian Collins fanfic. Yes, I had to do one for the YouTubers and the Viners and the Canadians. It is called Smile and we just reached 1K! Super excited. Now three of my seven hundred books has over one thousand views! Yay! Buuuut, I am so happy you guys are reading, also check out my Renji Abarai story and my soon to come Ichigo x OC! I am however, working on an original! Leave comments using #NewStory here, on IG, or Twitter, tag me (IG @chantel_rogers and Twitter @ChantelRogers1) and I will be checking them all for suggestions for main characters and their quotes. A couple lucky people will also get mentions in the actual story and be famous to about five people for about three seconds. Omg, you lucky duckies! I'm jealous!

Fine reading luvs ♡ continue being awesome and just know I love, love, love you guys! You guys are amazing! ✌

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