Just Friends (Grimmjow x Reader) WARNING! Lemon

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I heard my dogs barking as they usually did whenever they got the chance. Goodness, they were annoying. I was lying in bed, sick, reading some amateur novelist's story but the author was so scatterbrained and couldn't go three words without misspelling something I got annoyed. I set my phone down and started to think. It was Superbowl Sunday and I had to get my uniform for work tomorrow, but could I really work as sick as I was. So I decided to call my grandma who had recently been in the hospital for pneumonia. Our conversation was short, she was so tired from her meds she could barely talk. I was just glad she was home and breathing.

I decided to just rest a bit but something didn't feel right. I felt claustrophobic and ached all over. Damn cold. Removing a few layers and basically falling back onto my bed I fell asleep quickly.

When I awoke I was being cradled by pillows and burning. It was so hot. Looking at the time, 9:17 AM, I sat erect. I'd slept in! Shit! I called my boss to see when I worked and since I was gonna be late to school anyway, if I went, I called in sick and just went to work.

"Hey, new girl, you don't look too good", one of the waiters said to me as I put away my coat and bag.

Smiling weakly and shrugging, "Yeah, just got a cold. Good thing I don't have your job", I said jokingly.

The guy smiled, "True".

I clocked in and tying my long black hair into a neat ponytail and slipping on my new Steelers hat, got ready for work.

It was the twelve o'clock rush and people were coming in by the truckloads. I was careful not to screw up since it was my first day, smiling to all the customers and offering light jokes on last night's game. Everyone seemed to enjoy my banter and I passed off as healthy so it seemed everything was going great.

After work I had to walk a few blocks to meet my ride at the mall. It was freezing, about nine below, normal Karakura weather, ya know. I was on a main street so crossing was almost impossible. A black mustang rode by and I admired it, mustangs and corvettes being my favorite cars, but then they rode by again after I'd crossed the street.

My pace quickened as I neared the mall but the car was gone. I breathed a sigh of relief and walked into the warm store and out of the cold. A worker greeted me and I nodded in acknowledgement and kept walking. I exited the store and into the walking area headed for my favorite clothing store.

I was greeted by an old classmates of mine, K. "Hey, what's up, girl."

"Supp, bro", I said walking towards the shorts rack.

"Shorts! Really?", he gawked.

I had a logical reason which simply was: price, "They're cheaper now than they will be in three months."

After buying four pairs of shorts and seven shirts, I waved to my friend and left. I walked out just in time to see the bus pull up. I grabbed a token from my pocket and and boarded the bus.

Nodding politely to the bus driver I walked to an open seat in the middle of the near empty bus.

I didn't get home until about 7:00 but I was so tired I went to my room and collapsed onto my messy bed. And just before I could close my eyes my phone rang. A familiar blue-haired bastard popped onto my screen.

"Hey fuck-tard, whaddaya want", I grumbled into my phone.

Grimmjow just ignored me, "I saw you walking to the mall from work, you know you could've called for a ride."

I gasped angrily, "That was you?! Why didn't you stop, ass?", I rolled over onto my back.

"It would've looked creepy", I glared at my ceiling like it was him at his idiotic reply, "anyways, there's a party tonight, you goin'?"

I frowned even harder, "It's a Monday, jackass. Some of us have school."

It sounded like he face palmed himself, "Ohh yeahhh. I forgot. Well, what are you doing for the rest of the day?"

"I planned on sleeping. Why?", I rolled over on my stomach picking a fuzzy off one of my Hello Kitty pillows.

"Get ready, I'm coming to get you."


Grimmjow's place was a mess as usual but it had a new centerpiece. I picked up the little black kitten and lightly scratched the underside of it's chin.

"When'd you get this little guy?", I said kicking a shoe out of my way and taking a seat on his black leather recliner.

"That's Pantera. Little cutie isn't she?", he said leaning over the back of the recliner roughly scratching the kitten's head.

Scoffing at his idiocy I corrected him, "He."

Grimmjow raised an eyebrow in annoyance, he hated being corrected, "She."

I laughed petting the little male kitten, "Nope, this is definitely a boy", I lifted the tail revealing his newly dropped male parts.


I burst out laughing at him as he examined the poor little tyke.

"Well, that explains why he hates his name", Grimmjow shrugged.

"He'll grow into it", I hadn't noticed how close Grimmjow was until he was staring down at me, his face only inches away from my own. His eyes were so bright and extremely blue to say the least. They had a way of capturing the light and holding it. Dark teal sparks lit the azure irises and I'd never seen any guy pull off blue eyeliner before, it was hard enough for a girl to do it, but he did and it just looked... right. I blushed and looked back down at Pantera.

A hand rested on my shoulder and though I knew it was just for support so he could pet Pantera I couldn't breathe in fear he might notice how uneven my breath was.

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