Chapter 2

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It'd been almost a month since I'd last been to Grimmjow's place but it seemed like forever. I'd gotten a car and a promotion and was planning on getting my own place. I was headed there since we were going to the mall later to get clothes and shit, but there was an uneven lump in my chest as I drove into the driveway. I had my extra key and didn't bother to knock. Grimmjow was on the floor being attacked by a hyper Pantera, who, upon seeing me, made a dash for my leg.

I leaned down and scooped the courageous kitten up into my arms dangling my keys above him to play with. I backed into the door closing it and walked over to the couch where Grimmjow had retired on the floor.

"That little guy has too much energy", Grimmjow exasperated.

Giggling, I placed Pantera on the couch and dug into my bag retrieving a special little gift I'd brought for him. I sucked my teeth at Grimm, "Nooo, he just needs someone fun to play with", I placed a little meowing white kitten on the couch next to Pantera. Pantera sniffed the kitten and she sniffed back and no sooner had they become acquainted had they started tumbling around the house tearing shit up, "See?"

Grimmjow smiled, "Thanks. What's 'er name?"

"Kaneshon. She's a feisty little flower, isn't she", I pointed as she pinned Pantera down and nipped his neck.

Grimmjow laughed, "Damn, nothing like you", he said with a mischievous smirk, but before I could protest he had me pinned against the couch, straddled and at his mercy.

"Unfair!", I giggled squirming, "at least let me take my jacket off."

"Fine", he backed off a little.

"And move the table", I instructed whipping off my Columbia.

As soon as he stood and before he turned around I pounced on his back. He effortlessly twisted his body getting an arm through his back and me and scooping me around to his front. He wasted no time in pinning me to the floor. I quickly scanned the room for the kittens and seeing them safe under the coffee table I pushed my knees under his stomach and flipped our bodies so I was on top.

"Ooo, so sexy when you're aggressive", he purred teasingly, then wrapping an arm around my neck pulled me to him. I struggled but it was no use. He got me into a full tripod and held tight.

Wedging an arm between us I was able to free my neck from his death grip and in one swift series of movements I had his hands pinned above his head and I was sitting on his stomach and for good measure just as Kaneshon had done to Pantera I lightly bit his neck.

Grimmjow groaned and before I knew it he was on top of me and I was in the same position as he had been in a second ago. Grimmjow seemed flustered, trying to regain control of himself. He looked pissed which I didn't understand since I hadn't bitten him hard at all. His eyes baring into me his bangs falling into his face making him look sexy... in that friend way. The room was silent as the kittens had found other rooms to play in. My heart was racing and for some odd reason I was a little turned on by my position right then. Then he released me. "Don't do that again", he said running a hand through his cool blue hair. What just happened, I thought to myself. Grimmjow grabbed his coat and tossed mine to me, "Let's go. You ready?"

"Y-yeah", I stammered pulling my jacket on and zipping it up. Fishing my keys out of my bag I followed Grimmjow out and locked the door leaving the two kittens to themselves.


"So, where are we going tonight?", I asked as we entered the mall.

"Renji's having a party tonight and we're going."

I guess he wasn't fully recovered from his prior state of shock. I mean I can't blame him, I would have reacted the same way had we switched sides. "Ohhh yeahhhh", I said remembering it was Renji's and Rukia's engagement party. "But why do I need new clothes for this?"

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