Chapter 13

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"Grimmjow!", blood covered nearly every inch of his body but he was alive and right now that's all that mattered. It was time for Aizen to die. He was controlling my brother. Hell, he was controlling me by dangling Grimmjow in my face right now, but no more. A growl ripped through me but I silenced it. "Grimmjow", I said more calmly this time, "stay over there". It was the gentlest command I could summon without my voice being inaudible. Aizen raised his hand- "Don't touch him!", I roared. I felt something erupt in me and then I was blinded.

Blood. It was warm and flowed abundantly but I felt no pain. It was not my blood. It was... "Oh God!", Ulquiorra. "No!", why was he protecting him! "Stay back!", I was fuming and terrified all at once. Ulquiorra had absorbed that blow and it was fatal, I could feel it. But he was not dead. Yet. I watched as my brothers body crumpled to the ground. That's when I felt them. The tears of eternal sorrow. The tears that marked his beautiful face. He shall never feel them again. I swear.


"Orihime?! But-"

"Don't worry, ______! I can heal him, just defeat, Aizen!", She cried out leaving over my brothers fallen body.

"She's right, _______. Let's go to a more intimate place. Shall we", his voice was at my ear as he now towered over me. How- my body was lifted and carried and no sooner had I began to protest was I set down but not before I sensed it. Aizen...

Aizen now stood ten meters away from me our backs to one another, but I felt it. I knew that feeling, it was so strong. So potent. My mouth spoke before my brain thought. "Are you really ready to die here, Sosuke? Here in the place you despise so much? Are you ready to face the Soul King?". I heard the grunt and could practically see the lopsided smirk. Arrogant bastard. I've had enough of him to last me three lifetimes. "So be it".


The searing pain. It's too much. This is how I die. Lying in a pool of blood that is not my own. I suppose that is an honorable way to die. However, to die by my creator... I've never wanted this. He was supposed to die by my hand but I was prepared for this. I knew he would defeat me in anyway he could. I just knew. But if I was going to die now then, God, please, let me see Grimmjow one last time.

My side was cut deeply releasing my blood onto the dust of the earth. Consciousness was slipping away, in and out, throbbing with the pulse of my heartbeat. The darkness it ebbed like the tide, drawing nearer and nearer with each wave until it washed over me.

A hand. Someone's hand is there. It's holding mine.... A squeeze. I squeeze back as best I can but I know they felt no response. I'm sorry everyone....


Light. It's everywhere. And so damn bright. am I dead?

"No, the human, Orihime Inoue saved your life", that voice!

"Brother!", blinking away the light my vision cleared and there! "Ulquiorra! What happened? Where is Aizen? Is he dead?", For some reason my heart filled with dread. Ulquiorra shook his head from side to side sorrowfully. "Of course not. They would not let him die. They are fools. Keeping him alive", those in the Soul Society believe in keeping their greatest enemies alive if they cannot kill them in hope that they will repent for their sins. They only do that for those who may benefit them though. All others must die. So why kill Aizen? "Damn it!", I slammed my fist down on the table beside me.

"Ow!", Grimmjow howled. "You're not the only one beaten up here, to know!", he hissed holding his stomach and doubling over.

"Grimmjow!", he survived! I latched onto him, my own injuries screaming out to me to lie still but I ignored them.

Wincing he turned over into his side and pulled me into his chest. I'm surprised Ulqui let him lie in the same bed as me. They probably fought about it but I'm happy he's here. I'm happy they're both here. Regardless of the fact that Aizen is alive.

"I missed you too", he murmured into my hair.

I hadn't realized but I'd started crying. "You two idiots. If either of you ever do that again... I'll kill you both myself", I sobbed quietly as I chastised them. "Ya hear me! No mercy!".

"Why are you yelling?", I heard Ichigo shout from somewhere.

"Shut up ya stupid carrot. I'll kill you too".

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