Chapter 6

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Grimmjow's PoV

What just happened? I was so confused. My heart didn't know what to do. It was beating so fast but I felt like it might stop any second. It hurt so bad I couldn't bare it.

Clutching my chest I stumbled down to the front steps to my car. What was happening to me? I just wanted to curl up and die. Swinging the door open I crammed into my car and slammed the door shut. Letting my head fall against the wheel I screamed loud and then I cried. For the first time ever in my life I cried. She hated me. How could she hate me? We were doing so fucking good!

I punched my window splintering and breaking the glass. I didn't care that my hand was covered in blood, the pain was normal. The pain was easy. I licked the fresh blood savoring the taste. I just needed to hit something. I felt so stupid for letting a woman do this to me. Squeezing my eyes shut I willed myself to stop crying. Grimmjow doesn't cry, especially not over a woman. There are plenty of women out there who want me. I don't need her and I don't need love.

Shoving my key into the ignition I sped off away from her apartment. I needed a break. I needed a drink.


Her body felt like butter, soft and oily but I knew it was just my imagination. Why was I feeling so guilty? This was just a kiss. A fucking hot kiss at that but it didn't feel right. Nothing felt right. Every time I touched her I wanted it to be ______'s skin. Angie's lips were nice but ______'s were soft and full. I remember how she used to run her fingers through my hair like Angie's doing but she always took her time, always made me crave her touch. There was an unbearable pang in my chest.

Shoving the girl away I slammed my fist into the wall behind me. Why was she still in my head? None of this made any sense. I didn't need her. She doesn't want me anymore. She doesn't love me. My hand fist went through the wall right next to Angie's pretty brown hair.

I glared at her. "Leave", I hissed not caring about the scared look on her face. She should be scared. I could kill her right now if I wanted to. She was nothing but a worthless piece of human waste. Nothing like _____. She was the world to me. Always has been.

I heard footsteps scurry away and the door slam. She's gone. Falling to my knees I cried out my frustrations. Why was life so hard now? Why could I not go back to not feeling like when I was an Espada? I don't need things feelings, I want them gone.

"Get up Grimmjow", a familiar voice was behind me. "You're crying like a human. You've spent too much time here in the World of the Living".

Through blurred vision I found the sharp uncaring green eyes I always despised. "Ulquiorra", I seethed. "Why are you here?", I sat flat on my ass letting the tears dry. When had it even come to this?

"You let that girl change you, Grimmjow", he stated plainly. He was one to talk wearing human clothes and still talking down on them. "Tell me, Grimmjow. Do you feel like the humans do? Have you grown a heart?", he was analyzing me.

My skin crawled. How dare this bastard, Ulquiorra, come here and talk to me about a heart. "Of course not you damn moron! That's not even possible!", I stepped out of my Gigai. I was once again in my Espada uniform, my hollow hole at the base of my abdomen in plain sight, but it looked different. Smaller. I gasped.

Ulquiorra hummed in satisfaction. That arrogant bastard. He was a pet. How could someone like him be more powerful than me? "It seems what Lord Aizen predicted was correct. If one of the Espada creates a bond with a human then they start to become human", he stated as if it were common knowledge.

My eyes widened in fear. Become a human. But they are so weak! "There's no way in hell that's happening. I'm the sixth Espada, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques! Not a human", I proclaimed proudly. I can't become a human. But what if he's right? What if my hollow hole is closing. "Is there a way to stop it?", I asked instantly regretting it. That's all that bastard needs to rub it in my face.

"I thought there was no way you, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, could become a lowly human?", the bastard was taunting me.

I grit my teeth but it was taking everything in me not to tear his fucking head off. "Tell me how to stop it", I demanded. He didn't answer, instead he turned and walked away. No! He had to tell me. I needed to know! Using sonido I pinned him to the wall, my hand gripping his black shirt tightly. "How?", I screamed in his face.

He was too calm as always like he wasn't even afraid of me. That pissed me off but I needed answers.

His voice was serious and level as he spoke almost like he was giving an order. "Kill the girl", he declared flatly. What?

Before I could ask him any questions he was gone. Kill the girl. Did he mean _____? I couldn't kill her, I- I'm Grimmjow Jaegerjaques. The sixth Espada. She's nothing but a human - a piece of scum. Her life didn't mean anything. I'm a hollow, I don't have feelings. I'm going to kill her and then I'm going back to Hueco Mundo. _____ is going to die.


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