Chapter 9

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The past flashed before my eyes. His past. Her past. I felt a strong connection to the girl I was seeing in there air of the pale boy's eye. The girl from the past looked exactly like me but she wasn't me. That couldn't have been me. I'm human. I don't have any powers, especially none of her caliber. I was plain, normal (y/n).

"Do you must believe what you have seen, Sayuri Kinsho?", Ulquiorra asked his voice monotonous.

I couldn't bring myself to speak. How was I supposed to believe I was the girl he showed me? Sure, we looked the same, but we were totally different. She was an Espada and I'm not.

"I see", he said closing his eye briefly. "If you would like to know more about your past go see the one they call Kisuke Urahara. He will give you answers. Tell no one that you have seen or heard from me. But I'd advise you to hurry before it's too late for you", and with that he disappeared.

Too late for me? What did he mean? A flurry of questions breezed around my mind. I tried to wait for the guys but my curiosity was getting the best of me. Who was this Kisuke Urahara guy and what could he tell me? The name seemed familiar and I remembered Ichigo and Renji had mentioned him before.

I used Google to find the address of Kisuke. Turns out he lived not too far from my apartment. I thought to tell the guys where I was going but I thought better of it. They were already dealing with enough trying to protect me feel this Aizen guy. Even Ulquiorra had said something about him. I wonder where he tied into all of this. I guess I'd find out soon enough from Kisuke.


I was sitting face to face with a tall blonde man. He was staring intently at me with grey eyes like he was reading me. "So, you want to know more about Sayuri Kinsho, huh?", he asked although I had told him that just moments before.

I gave a small but eager nod. Maybe learning about this girl would clear up some questions about my situation.

"Well, first of all, you need to know that you are Sayuri Kinsho", he told me exactly what words Ulquiorra had causing my mouth to fall agape. "I see you're finding this hard to believe. Here. Let me show you". He shuffled to his feet and walked away. Was I expected to follow? Kisuke stopped in his tracks looking over his shoulder at me lazily. "You won't learn anything just sitting there".

Hurriedly, I clambered to my feet and hurried after his retreating form. I was led into a basement. It was dark and I walked down a lot of stairs leading me to think that the room was deep under ground, that was until the lights came on. I was standing in a mediterranean desert with Kisuke a few feet away from me.

"What is thi-", before I completed my sentence I felt myself being pulled apart. I screamed of pure shock but I wasn't in pain. The sensation was just odd.

My head was fuzzy and the world spun before it cleared. When it did I was sitting flat on my ass but I could see my body lying on the ground in front of me, face down. What was going on? I stood brushing myself off looking around for Kisuke but he was nowhere to be found. I looked down at my lifeless body. White hakama fluttered in the wind obscuring my view slightly. What the-

"So, you decided to take my advice", I sensed the arrancar before I heard the bored tone.

I spun to face Ulquiorra. He was dressed similar to me. "Ulquiorra. What's going on?", I asked confused. None of this made sense. There was just no way I was some powerful Espada.

"You still do not get it. You refuse to accept something although it is right before your eyes", Ulquiorra said and although his voice never rose or fell I could sense his irritation. "Let me show you then", he disappeared from view and was before me his hand flying straight for my heart.

Without so much as a thought I caught his hand just as his fingertips tore through the fabric of my top. My eyes widened at my own reaction. How did I do that?

Another attack is coming. Behind you to your left.

Quickly I reacted and caught the foot that was flying at me. Ulquiorra had attacked again and then again and again until they never ceased and the speed and power increased. I kept defending myself until I sensed a drop in his power. I don't know how I sensed it but I did and as soon as I did my fist flashed out into his core.

I felt the flesh rip as my fist made contact with his abdomen. Oh my goodness! My eyes flew open as I realized what I had done. Every second passed by like an eternity. I pulled my hand from his body and watched as blood showered from the fresh wound. Ulquiorra's body fell to the hard ground but not before I saw the little light leave his eyes.

"No!", I screamed reaching for his body but something held me back. Despair filled my body but I did not attack. I looked back into a pair of calculating grey eyes. He knew something I didn't. Or did and had forgotten. "Kisuke".

"Look", he nodded at the fallen form of Ulquiorra.

Slowly I turned to the sight I had created. The hole. "It's gone", I watched in awe. "But how?".

"Instant regeneration", I heard his voice before I saw him.

Ulquiorra was now standing off to the left completely healed. "Ulqui...", I trailed off in the middle of his name. Why? I'm not sure but it just felt right.

Something like a smile crossed his lips. "You used to call me that... a long time ago", I watched as he straightened his back and walked to me.

My mind started to wander. Ulquiorra's face flashed into my mind. Pictures. Memories. They filled my thoughts until I could bare no more. I wanted to scream. What was happening? Why do I remember these things? What's going on? None of this is true. It can't be!

Ulquiorra's voice pulled me back but his words cut like a sword. "Do you remember now... little sister?".


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