Bonus Chapter! Who is Sayuri?

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Her dark hair shown almost indigo in the moonlight of Las Noches. Her dark skin like that of the blind soul reaper that stands Aizen's side. A lone petal made of bone sits delicately at the corner of her fierce brown eyes. The dark orbs glow red as they meet the light of the moon.

She hears footsteps behind her but she does not move. She knows she has nothing to fear. The footsteps stop directly behind her. A slender almost feminine hand reaches out to her and sits gingerly on her small shoulder.

"My dear Sayuri, what are you doing out so late?", Aizen's thick voice calls to her but he sounds distant in her ears. Lord Aizen, the soul reaper who took over Hueco Mundo, the scientist that made her what she is today. She owed him her life but why did she feel so offset when he was near.

"Nothing, Lord Aizen", she answered her voice soft and lilting. The sound was almost lyrical.

Aizen was silent, assessing the girl. He was gentle with her. His knowledge of her power was far to little. Aizen tread softly whenever he was around her.

After stealing the hogyoku, Aizen found a small adhucha and she resembled that of a plant. She was a strange one to say the very least. Most adhucha take on the form of an insect or animal but she had taken the form of a delicate creature that Aizen could only think to call a nymph.

Upon seeing her he was immediately drawn to her beauty and her uniqueness. He wanted to know more about this odd adhucha, Sayuri. So, after stealing the hogyoku he experimented on her and so she became the first arrancar.

Her brethren followed soon after and soon Aizen had an army. It only took a few short weeks for him to assess their power and weaknesses, but Sayuri, she had none. She was delicate, graceful, mesmerizing, but she was also powerful, fierce, and unmerciful to an enemy. She could reason far beyond that of any arrancar and even soul reapers but she was also cautious. Sayuri was not humble but she never attacked at full strength which scared many, and she never showed the full extent of anything she did. The way she defeated and harmed was she matched the intellect, the strength, and the ability of her opponent and then at the last second she would send her enemies flying into oblivion at such a rate they could have never predicted their own death.

She was quite the specimen. One so incredible she put Aizen on edge. Sayuri knew this so she never stepped on anyone's toes. She was strategic in her way of living. She was uncaring. When given an order she executed but did not over or under do anything. When asked her opinion she gave nothing more than expected and never spoke out of turn. She was nothing more than a fly on the wall.


"Lord Aizen", Gin frowned uncertainly, "maybe we should keep an eye on that girl. I don't trust her".

Aizen sat thinking in his throne as he normally did. "Gin, you worry far too much. Sayuri is nothing to worry about. Besides, if she ever does pose a threat I will simply seal her off", he said calmly.

"But, Lord Aizen-", Gin began again.

"Do you doubt me, Gin", Aizen smirked watching his comrades face turn to shock and yet his eyes did not widen or even open. Gin really was a snake.

Gin gained his composure before answering. "No, not at all. Excuse me for coming across as doubting you. That girl just gives me a bad feeling", he explained sorrowfully. Gin knew that Aizen's carelessness with this girl would lead to his demise in the future.


Sayuri stared at the man now towering over her. Nnoritora. He was a very tall, very slender and equally sickening man.

"Hey, what's a woman doing out at this time of night?", he gazed at her condescendingly through his one eye. "Don't you know bad things happen to little girls, like you, at night?", he went on to say licking his lips. He was a complete sexist pig, but then again, so was every other male in Las Noches.

Sayuri took a little pride in defeating each one of them in battle. "I am in no more danger than anyone else here", she spoke confidently.

Her tone set Nnoritora off and he slammed his large zanpakuto into the wall next to her head slicing a single hair in half. "Look here, little girl, don't go getting high and mighty because you beat me once! I'm stronger than you. No woman is stronger than me!", he barked raising his hand to slap her.

A small hand reached out and grabbed his wrist. Nel. "Knock it off, Nnoritora. Leave her alone", she stated firmly. "Go pick on someone your own size".

Nnoritora looked as if he were about to attack Nel. "Flutter, Kaneshon", Sayuri spoke raising her right hand smoothly in front of her, elbow bent, turning her palm up. In her hand she delicately pinched a white petal. Nnoritora looked stunned while Nel watched in awe. Releasing the petal she directed it to Nnoritora's heart.

The petal danced through the air and landed on his chest before disappearing. Nnoritora looked down and when he realized he wasn't in pain he believed he was not in any danger. He started to cackle loudly but then he moved his hand from Nel's grip and the pain struck his entire body at such a force it could have crushed him. He gasped in pain writhing as his screams reached the ends of the long stone corridor. Nel watched in horror as a lone pair of green eyes watched, uncaring to his screaming comrade, and observed the girl named Sayuri.

She was still, eyes cool but her demeanor didn't match her eyes. They were cool but full of every emotion possible; pity, fear, happiness, comedy, murderous, merciful and merciless, love and hate, sorrow, and stoic. It didn't make sense. Then her figure stepped toward the fallen Espada and she plunged her hand into where his heart should have been and slowly pulled out the petal. It was glowing and was no longer white but a soft pink.

Sayuri was aware of the spying eyes so she deliberately pulled her zanpakuto out slow enough for him to see then turned the blade over. There was a small indentation where the petal would fit perfectly. She placed it there and Ulquiorra watched as the blade and petal glowed and shimmered and then both were gone.

"What are you?", Nnoritora gasped spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Sayuri had begun walking away and Nel had crouched down beside the fallen Nnoritora. She stopped in her tracks and turned her head so he could see her face. "I am Sayuri Kinsho, number zero Espada".

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