37. Seriously? You just haaaaad to ruin our plans, didn't you?

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Lexi, Stefan, Damon, Jeremy and I sat around the livingroom watching The Woman in Black. Jeremy layed on the couch, flat on his back, with me on my side, tucked in between him and the back of the couch. Stefan and Elena were cuddling on the arm chair, and Lexi and Damon sat on the floor, backs against the couch.

Elena and I were jumping at everything that happened. When the woman started to rock in her chair, we both hid into our boyfriends. 

"TurnitoffturnitoffturnitoffturnitoffturnitoffTURNITOFF!" I started screaming. Damon turned off the movie and Elena and I lifted our heads. Lexi chuckled.

"I understand that Elena would be scared, but Eli, your a 159 year old vampire, why are you scared?" I pouted and hid my face back into Jeremy.

"I just am, okay!" Jeremy grinned and kissed my head. 

"I think its cute."

'"I think you guys should sit up, 'cause your taking up all the room!" Damon shouted. I laughed at my big brother.

"I'm comfy though. How 'bout you Jer?"

"I'm very comfy." Jeremy said. I giggled. Damon and Lexi glared at us and we finnaly sat up. I sat on Jeremys lap and wrapped my arms around his neck. I leaned my cheek against his chest and nuzzled it. Jeremys hand ran through my hair and he gave my a quick kiss on the head.

"So guys!" Lexi exclaimed ploping down on the couch. "I wanna go somewhere. Some where fun like Paris, or... Australia,  or...."

"England!" Damon shouted sitting next to Lexi. 

"Oooh! I wanna go to England!" I said with a big grin. "Dami, Steffy, can we please?"

"Sounds fun." Stefan said. "I'm in." 

"Me too." Damon said. 

"Me three!" Lexi shreiked. We looked to Jeremy and Elena. "Well? You guys coming too or what?" Elena shook her head.

"There is no way we could aford that." She said.

"Who said you're paying?" I scoffed.

"We're not gonna invite you somewhere and make you pay." Stefan said.

"We can't let you guys do that." Jeremy said rubbing my arm.

"Jeremy you're going whether you like it or not." I said.

"We can't let you pay for us."

"Sure you can."

"Its not right."

"We have plenty of money."

"We still can't let you pay!"

"Yes you can."

"No we can't."

"Uh huh."

"Nuh uh."

"Uh huh."

"Nuh uh."

"Uh huh."

5 minutes later.









"HA!" Damon and Stefan rolled their eyes.

"You two sound like an old married couple." Stefan said.

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