17. Founder's Party's Suck.

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August 9, 1860

The three Salvatore siblings hate Founders Partys. Always had, and always will. They weren't stupid. They knew that a Founders Party ment that they had to sit at a table not speak, not play, and look pretty the entire time. Elizabeth hated them the most since she couldn't sit still to save her life. The "perfect" Salvatore childern were to be seen, never heard. They were the perfect little angels and nothing but perfect little angels.

They spoke when spoken to, and were not to talk at any other time. Even Damon, at 17, a man who had just returned from the army, was not alowed to move. Not until he was 18.

Fathers orders.

But Damon had his own rules, that his brother and sister were more willing to follow. The three would not talk to anyone at all. They did this to piss their father. Even when they were spoken to they would pretend they didn't speak english.

Guissepe wanted his Childern to sit down and shut up, they would.

Elizabeth, Stefan, and Damon sat at a table. Elizabeth played with Damons hand under the table. A man with brown hair and brown eyes and an english accent walked up to the siblings and looked right at Elizabeth.

"Hello." He said "You are Elizabeth Salvatore, correct?" Elizabeth looked at Damon. He nodded.

"Mi dispiace, io non parlo inglese." I'm sorry. I don't speak English. The man smirked.

"Quello e ok. Lo parlo italiano troppo." Thats ok. I speak Italian too. 

"Que habla italiano? Yo no. yo solo hablo espanol." Who speaks Italian. Not me. I only speak Spanish.

"Que casualidad. Igual que yo." What a coincidence. so do I. Elizabeth grew frustated.

"My brothers say I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." She said glareing. The man held out his hand.

"Alow me to introduce myself. My name is Elijah." He smiled kindly. The three sibblings saw through it . "See? Now we aren't strangers." Damon protectivly squeesed Elizabeths hand glareing at the man.

"Just leave her alone." Damon Said.

"Go." Stefan said. Elijah glared and walked away. 

"Who was that man Damon?" Stefan asked. Damon raised and eyebrow.

"I don't know." He said. "Just stay away if you ever see him again. Ok?" The two youngest Salvatores nodded.


"Daaaaammoooonn!!!" I called skipping through the house. Stefan and I were about to leave for school.

"What?" He called back from upstairs. 

"Come here!!!" Damon sighed and walked down the stairs. He leaned against the staircase and looked at me.

"Yeah?" I held out my arms to him opening and closeing my palms, wanting him to pick me up like a toddler. He smiled and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I relaxed into his arms and buried my face in his neck.

"Are you mad at me Dami?" He shook his head.

"Of course not Piccolo. I'm happy because your happy. I over reacted yesterday because my baby sister is in her first relationship." I nodded.

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