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August 4, 1855 

Damons got his first girlfriend when he was 11. It was a girl named Delilah. He really liked her and started inviteing her over. They would play hopscotch, or run through the maze, or something else. But whatever they did, they did with Stefan and Elizabeth who were only 7 and 2 at the time. Damon would not leave them behind. Delilah didn't like Elizabeth. She thought Damon gave her too much attention. But she had to pretend she did if she wanted to still talk to Damon. Elizabeth and Stefan didn't like Delilah. She was very mean to them behind Damons back.

One day when they were playing tag, Delilah was it, and was chasing around Elizabeth and Stefan. She tagged Elizabeth. 

"You are it!" She shouted. She bent down to Elizabeths eye level and laughed rudely. "Good luck." Elizabeth reached out and pulled a lock of her hair. Delilah screamed and slapped her across the face. Elizabeth fell back and started screaming and crying. 

"AHHAHHAHHHHH!!!!! STEFFY!!!! DAMI!!!!!" Stefan ran up to Elizabeth and she grabbed on to him. Damon ran to them and saw Elizabeths cheek. "What happened?!" Damon asked furiously.

"The little brat pulled my hair!" Delilah cryed, looking for some simpothy from her boyfriend.

"So you slapped her?!" He yelled.

"Well... she deserved it!"

"Shes just a baby! She dosen't know any better! But you do! She didn't mean to hurt you! But you wanted to hurt her!" Elizabeth and Stefan stuck out their tounges at her and grinned. 

"But Damon-" 


"They are taunting me!" She cryed. Damon turned around and saw his baby sister clinging to his baby brother and whimpering. he turned back arond and they started sticking their tounges out at Delilah

"I can't belive you would acuse them like that." He walked up to his baby siblings, who acted innocent. 

"You give her too much attention! You give her whatever she wants! What about me?!"

"She's my sister. Stef, Lizzie. Lets go." They ran up to him and Elizabeth held her arms out to him, palms opening and closing. Damon picked her up and grabed Stefans hand. 

"Leave. Now. We are over. Bye." He said to Delilah.  

Elizabeth pulled her face out of Damons neck and stuck her tounge out one more time, then smirked, something she picked up from Damon. Dellilahs mouth droped. 

Damon never spoke to her again. 

If you wanted one sibbling, you got them all.


I woke up and rubbed my eyes. It was early in the morning and all I could smell was Jeremys blood. I wanted to bite him so bad.

"Good morning Sweetie." I looked at the end of the bed. Stefan was standing there  .

"STEFAN!!" I screached and untangled myself from Jeremy's and Damon's arms. I pouced on him so hard that we almost fell over. He grabbed my waist to steady me and the bed to steady both of us. Damon and Jeremy started to wake up. 

"Stefan are you okay?! Are you hurt at all?!" He laughed and kissed my forehead. 

"I'm fine." I buried my face in his neck. 

"Thank god." Jeremy yawned and got off of the bed. 

"Morning." I turned my head. 

"Morning." Stefan nodded at him and Damon yawned loudly. Stefan sat me on my feet and started walking downstairs.  

"Piggyback ride!!!!!" I screamed and jumped on his back. "Go Stefan you're a plane!" He stuck his arms out and ran down the stairs making airplane noises. I giggled and shrieked until he put me down on the couch next to Elena. 

"So you guys made up?" I asked. Stefan nodded. Damon and Jeremy walked down the stairs.  

"Good. Now we can talk about the plans for the mascerade ball after I get coffee. I'm not wide awake at seven in the morning like other people I know." Damon looked at me and Stefan pointedly. We grinned at him innocently. 

"Dami, can I have a cup of coffee too? Ooh!! Lets go to Starbucks!" Stefan frowned. 

"But I'm hungry."  

"Me too" Jeremy said. "I haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon."  

"Oh my god Jeremy, why didn't you tell me you were hungry?" I was worried.  

"I'm sorry." He pouted. I sighed and kissed his forehead.  

"Well come on lets go eat out somewhere."  

An hour later, we were in Georgia, looking for a Dennys. I found one and screached jumping up and down in my seat. 

"I found, I found one haha you guys didn't!!" Jeremy put his hands on my shoulders and chuckled, trying to get me to calm down. I was in the middle of him and Elena, and Damon and Stefan were upfront.  

"Hey, look I found a Dennys you guys." Damon teased pulling into the parking lot. My mouth droped. 

"No! I did! Meenie!"


"Hello, my name is Alyssa, I'll be your server for today." We all said hi and Stefan Jeremy and Elena gave their orders. Damon and I weren't hungry and just asked for Coffee.

But I would probably end up stealing from Jeremy anyway.

We were sitting in a booth at Dennys. Stefan and Elena were on one side, Jeremy and I were on the other side, and Damon was in a chair at the end of the table.

"So what are we going to do? Obiously I'm going to be bait, and Elena and Jeremy aren't going to be there. But how are we gonna get her-"

"Woah woah woah, wait up." Jeremy spoke up. "I get that Elena can't go, but why can't I? I can help." Damon rolled his eyes.

"Jeremy, I get it that your trying to be all macho manly like, but you agaist Katherine is like a newborn against a giant bear." He said. I nodded.

"It's too Dangerous. I'm not even gonna fight Jer." Jeremy pouted.

"But I want to protect you!" He said. I sighed.

"You know what? If you can beat me at arm wrestiling, then you can fight." I said. Jeremy grinned.

"Are you serious?" I nodded and switched seats with Stefan. I took Jeremys hand.

"1 2 3." I slamed his hand down on the table.

"Wait. I wasn't ready." He said. I rolled my eyes.

"1 2 3." He put his full strength into trying to beat me and I barely tried. I kept my arm in the same place and laughed.

"Oh come on Lizzie, stop teasing him." I rolled my eyes and slammed his hand down again. Jeremy's mouth dropped.

"Sorry Baby. You can stay at home." 

"But thats not fair!" I sighed and swiched seats with Stefan again.

"I'm so sorry baby. I just dont want you to get hurt, okay?" He nodded. I kissed his cheek and leaned into him. The food arived and Jeremy kept one arm around me while he ate.

I could tell he was still mad though.

A/N: Okay people of the world and beyond, I have a couple of things to discuss with you all. #1, I'm moving. So I am very very very very sorry that I haven't been uploading because thats the reason. #2, Depending on what you all think, I might rewrite this story. It was written a little slopily in the begining and I dont like it. Some chapters wouldn't be the same, and others wouldn't even be there, but i would leave this story up. So comment what you think. #3 I'm not sure if I'm gonna do the q&a thing. So please please please comment what you think.

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