11. Oh My God. Their Back.

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Caroline practicly skiped towards me and Jeremy. She hugged me and squieled. Her hair was in two pigtails, she had pink bootyshorts and a blue tanktop. 

"Go get dressed and we'll start!!" I walked to the locker room and had Jeremy wait outside.

I walked out of the lockerooms and put my arm in Jeremys. My hair was up In one ponytail and I was wearing a black tanktop and blue bootyshorts. We were laughing about the first time he got drunk with his sister.

"So I put Elenas hampster in its hampster ball and threw it at the wall screaming 'Pikachu I choose you!!' Then Elena grabed My moms cat, threw it at me and screamed 'Meowth go!' Needless to say, the cat ran away, and our parents got pissed. I had to buy Elena a new hampster and Elena had to buy a cat. But that was the funniest day ever." I laughed and he put his arm around me. 

"Awww looks like Druggie found a girlfriend." Wait, I know that voice. I turned around and Faced none other than Ashley and Dianna.

"Oh, its just Emo girl, trust me Druggie, you could do beter."Ashley said I rolled my eyes.

"Emo girl? Realy? Listen you bimbos, get some better insults and leave us alone."  Jeremy walked to the bleachers and i walked to Caroline.

"Awww Emo girl thinks she can cheer. How cute."

"She won't last. No way" I over heared. Grinning I walked to Caroline.

"Ok Care, I'm ready to kick ass and make the team."



"I think I should know how to make love to something innocent with out leaving my finger prints out, now.

L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce, how

do i say I'm sorry cause the word is never gonna come out, now

L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce."

I easly followed all the moves, without breaking a sweat. when the song ended Caroline steped to the front.

"Okay, we only have five spots this year so will all the cheerleaders step to the front?" 19 people steped up, including Ashley and Diana. They gave me death glares and i smiled.

"Five of you will be acepted. Lets work on flips"

Jeremys POV

She was perfect. Eliza. There was so many things I loved about her. Her hair was perfect, not so curly that it frizzed, but loosely curled. Her eyes were beutiful, She has the perfect body, personality, voice. I liked that she could do those flips.

She looked Sexy. 

Caroline told them practice was over and Eliza ran towards me. 

"JER!!" I smiled and she sat next to me

"Hey you were awesome out there. No way you won't make the team"

"I know!! did you see the way those two bitches glared at me??? It was hillarious!!!!!!!!" I put my arm around her and led her to her house, since her brothers didn't trust me. Smart. I watched her as she talked about something.

Eliza looked at me.

"Hello? Anyone home? Earth to Jeremy!"

"Huh? Oh I'm sorry, I was thinking about something."

"You were stareing."

Elizabeths POV

Jeremy Damon Lexi and I were playing twister and we were in knots. My legs were under lexis chest and I was over Jeremy. Lexi was bent over my legs and her feet were under Damon. Damon was under Jeremy and Jeremy was in a bridge. We were all laughing like idiots.

"Ok, ok Jer, spin the spinner." I said. He reached and fell, causing damon to fall, which made Lexi fall, which made me fall. I rolled over and layed my head on Jeremy, my feet over Damon. Lexi layed on Damon. (This is what usualy happened, they fought the first day and then were two peas in a pod the rest of the time she stayed.) We layed there for a while I yawned and snuggled into Jeremy. I guess we all fell aslep, because my phone rang, waking us all up. We all groaned.

"WHAT?" I awnsered. 

"Hey Eli, I'm staying over at Elenas, so Jeremys gonna stay there. Night."

"Night, Love you bye."

Lexi groaned. 

"What time is it?" I checked my clock.

"11." We all groaned and I walked to my room, leading Jeremy, Damon and Lexi walked to Damons room.

I layed on Jeremy and went to sleep. 


Damon's POV

"AHHH!!!!" I woke up and ran to Lizzie's room. Jeremy was trying to hug her but she was screaming and pushing herself away.

"NO!! I WANT DAMON!! DAMOOONN!!!!!!"  I ran to her and grabed her. She clutched onto me. I hugged her and she cryed.

"I didn't hurt her, I swear dude!" I nodded. 

"I know, She just dosen't like to be touched by anyone but me and Stefan after a nightmare. She freaks out." he nodded.


I led her back to my room. Lexi was still asleep. We layed down and she whined. 

"I want-"

"Shh- I know Piccolo, but Jeremys here, be very quite, okay?" She nodded and sunk her teeth into my neck. when she was done She fell asleep and I kissed her head.

Lexi woke up and rubbed her eyes.

"What happened?" 

"Lizzie had a nightmare."


"Yeah." Her face soffened.

"Poor girl." I nodded and Yawned. She fell asleep and I did too, playing with Lizzies hair.

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