25. This B*tch Again!

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March 14 1864

"When is he gonna get home Stef?"

"Soon, Sweetie."

 Elizabeth and Stefan waited on the porch for Damon to come home. Elizabeth Impatiently looked out at the field, wanting him to come striding down to the house.

Stefan chuckled and ruffled his sister’s hair. She was acting like the little girl she had been when Damon came home from war the first ever time. She was 13, but right now he pictured her as nine, with messy hair, wide eyes, and arms stretched out for him to take her in his and protect her.

Stefan was acting calm, but really, he was excited as his little sister. He felt a hand snake over his eyes, and turned around, removing it. Katherine was behind him smiling.

"Good morning Miss Katherine."

"Good morning Stefan." She responded and looked at Elizabeth, who had stood up and was now trying to see further.

"Good morning Elizabeth."

"Good morning Miss Katherine." Elizabeth said dully, barely glancing at her,

"Elizabeth, you may call me Katherine." She shook her head.

"No thank you. Stefan said to call you Miss Katherine." 

"Well now I say you may call me Katherine."

"I only listen to Stefan and Damon." She said stubbornly. Katherine frowned.

"Eli..." Stefan warned.

"Do you not listen to your father?" Katherine snapped.

"No." Stefan laughed.

"We only listen to Damon, and Eli listens to me too."

"But he is your father." Katherine stated plainly.

"And Stefan and Damon are my brothers." Elizabeth said looking at Katherine finally. "I trust them and no one else. So I listen to them and no one else." She went back to looking out in the fields.

"Surely you listen to your father. He is your father. He has control over you." Stefan scoffed. Katherine stared at them in curiosity. "You really never-"

"DAMON!!!!" She shrieked and ran out to the field. Damon dropped his bag and picked her up, then spun her around. She laughed loudly and hugged him tight when he set her down. "Your home! I missed you so much Dami, please don't leave ever again." Damon sighed, knowing he would have to.

"I missed you too, Piccolo." He kissed her head and Stefan approached them, a grin on his face. Damon grinned back and let go of Elizabeth.

"Hello Stef." He said and they hugged then turned back around to look at Katherine, one arm still around each of them. Elizabeth stood in front of them and Damon pulled her to him, putting an arm around her too. Katherine walked up to them.

"So this is the famous Damon Salvatore I have been hearing so much about." She said taking him in. Damon smiled.

"Pleased to meet you Miss..."

"Katherine." She said. Elizabeth frowned and turned back to Damon.

"Damon, Stefan let me borrow his Shakespeare books!" Stefan smiled.

"She didn't like them." Damon laughed.

"Why not Piccolo?" 

"They were much too sad."

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