October 23, 2011

 Jeremy, Stefan, Me, Elena, Matt, Caroline, and Bonnie were sitting on the grass. Jeremy was sitting next to me. We were taking pictures with my iPhone. I looked at the picture we barely took and lauged then showed him. I was playbiting his shoulder and one of Jeremys eyes was wide open, one was half closed. 

 "Delete it!!!!!!" I laughed and shook my head. "Delete it now!!!!!! ELIZABETH DELETE THE DAMN PHOTO!!!!!" He chased me and finnaly grabed it. But i sent it to Elenas phone before. And she kept quiet.

They were talking about the cheer team. And Jeremy and I were talking about gymnastics. He said that there was no way I could do 5 backbend flips in a row. I said that I could do 10.

So we bet on it and I stood on the grass, then did 10. To get back I did I round off and landed facing him. Getting on my tippy toes I put my face next to his ear and wispered flirtatiosly

"I win... whats my prize?" He chuckeled and bent down to my ear.

"What do you want it to be, Eliza?" Jeremy wispered back, then licked my ear lobe. I giggled.

We walked back to the group and Caroline stared at me 

"That was great!!! You should join Cheer!!!"

"Um... no thanks." I said Sitting down. "Thats not realy my thing..."

"Sure it is!!" Stefan said. "Eli was Team Captin at her old middle school." I  gave him a murderous look. Dumbo!!!

"Perfect!! Audtions are afterschool tommarow!!!" 

"Oh! Thats to bad because my Birthday is tommarow!"

"Then I'll just pospone them till friday." She said with a perkey smile. Stupid barbie.

"Ok." I foreced myself to smile. Stefan you are gonna get an ass wooping.

I heard that.

You were supposed to.

I'm not afraid of you Eli.

You should be.

But I'm not.

Yet your afraid of Damon.

Am not.

Are too.

Am not.


No Eli!!!! NO!!!!!!


Stefan says he isn't afraid of you!!


Oh realy little brother?


Beter be. Hey Piccolo what do you want for your birthday?


Ha! I already got her a gift!

Stefan, unless you want a mouthfull of foot, I sugest you SHUT UP.


Ooh!!!! Dami can you get me a rabbit? Or a hampster???

Sorry Lizzie, but Stefan might eat it.



 Mabye next year.

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