Okay, so I understand that I have been a very bad writer, not uploading for long periods at a time and stuff, and yes I'm horrible. Yes I'm not staying on track with the story, Yes I'm bringing in new characters, Yes I skipped the tomb Vampires, but it's called fan-fiction for a reason.

Alright, so I told you guys that I moved, and that has been a big part of not uploading, but also, trying to stay on top of my school work. Its really complected and I do not wanna do it. I understand that you don't wanna read a story if they take forever to upload, because I don't like waiting either.

Another big reason that I haven't been uploading quite as often is- and I know this sounds stuck up and selfish- that no one gives me feedback. I like hearing what you guys have to say, I like having your input. If you don't tell me what you think it makes me feel like a bad writer.

And about the One- Shot contest. I guess I'm gonna cancel it? No one has sent me any one shots and I'm kind of embarrassed. So yeah. I honestly though I would get one or two.

I know I probably sound all whiny right now so I'm gonna stop before I embarrass myself further.... 

Thank you all for reading my story I appreciate it so much and I promise I will try to upload a lot sooner.

Before I go though, does anyone watch Revolution? OMG DANNY :D

Goodnight and remember: Damon loves you!

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