Damons POV

I woke up to hear repeted high pitched loud screams. It was Lizzie, from her room. I ran there, only to crash into Stefan and fall to the floor. We recovered quickly and ran into Lizzies room.

"Eli wake up!" Stefan shouted. She woke up and I wrapped my arms around her. She gasped for breath and clung to me. I let her cry into my shirt and Stefan rubbed her arm. Once she calmed down. I questioned her. 

"Lizzie thats the third time this week youv'e woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. Your nightmares have never been this bad not even when we were human. Whats going on?" She looked down and shruged.

"Come on Eli..." Stefan urged. Lizzie shook her head.

"I dont know... Why..." I rubbed her back.

"At least tell us what its about. Please?" She siged and turned to Stefan first.

"Give me your hand." He did as told and Lizzie closed it around her crystal, and put both hands over his hands. They both closed there eyes. And soon Stefans shot open. I noteced he was crying. She did the same to me. The crystal was warm in my palm. Suddenly, I was shot into another time. Lizzie was riding a horse and fell off. I saw myself hugging her and crying. Then Stefan coming and hugging her. her freaking out, falling on the rock.  I was outside loooking in. I relised I started crying. This was when I turned her. What it was like for her.  I was shot back into reality and a pair of piercing blue eyes met my own. 

"Lizzie..... I'm so sorry....." I hugged her and she clung to me again crying harder. i cryed into her neck and she cryed into mine. Stefan came behind her and rubbed her back. Once all three of us calmed down, I picked her up. Lizzie wrapped her legs aroung my waist and I walked back to my room. I set her down on the bed. But her arms stayed around my neck. 

"Whats wrong Piccolo?" Lizzie moved to my neck and bit it with humman teeth a few times then with her fangs. She wanted blood.... That was expected. I always gave her blood after a nightmare. It calmed her down and made her sleepy. When she was done, I laid down, she laid on my chest and Stefan laid behind her. Stefan fell asleep first, Lizzie fell asleep when I played with her hair, then I fell asleep. 


Elizabeths POV

 I was getting ready for school when my phone dinged. I grabed it off my nightstand, then checked it.

Hey can you come over after school?- Jeremey

Idk let me ask- Me

"STEFAN, DAMON!!!!!" I screamed. They were in my room within two seconds.

"Yeah?" Damon asked. I held up my phone.

"Jeremey wants me to come over after school, can I?"

"I'm going to the grill with Elena, so i'll pick you up when I drop her off." Stefan said

"Sure, have fun." Damon said.

"Thanks you guys. Come on Stefan." We headed out and I kissed Damons cheek. "Love you, bye."

As we walked out he screamed after us. "DON'T DO ANYTHING I WOULDN'T DO, LIZZIE!!!!....... ON SECOND THOUGHT DON'T DO ANYTHING STEFAN WOULDN'T DO!!!!!"


Afterschool Jeremy and I walked to his place. We sat on his bed. I looked around the room, my eyes set on a drawing book laying closed on his desk. I deviously smiled.

"I wanna see"

"No, wait! Eli, don't look at that!!" I grabed it and so did he. It fell on the ground, open to a random page. It was a girl with dark curly hair, a in her pupils were big leting in alot of light. She was looking out the window in a class room. 

"Is that me?" He nodded emmbarresd. I smiled and hugged him. "Jer, that is so sweet, thank you."

"Your welcome... Eliza" I froze, then backed away from him quickly teares in my eyes. I turned away and wiped them away. Jeremy put his hand on my sholder. 

"Whats wrong?" I shook my head.

"Nothing its just... thats what my mother used to call me. I havent been called that since I was three."

Jeremy hugged me I put my arms around his neck and cried into his neck.

"Elizabeth, If you don't want me to call you that i underst-"

"No, no. You can, it reminds me of her, and you say it just like she did. I want you to call me that." I felt him nod and I slowly pulled away from him. We sat there for a while, talking. After a while

"Jer, didn't you say you play guitar?"


"Play me a song."

"I don't know..." He bit his lip.

"Come on, Jer im sure your great. Please?

"Ok fine hold on Let me get my gutiar." When he came back he grabed his desk chair and sat on it infront of me. He imediatly started to play.

(A/N: This is a song Steven R Mqueen wrote)

"Too cold to sleep alone

And when I ever make it home

And I’m running towards a wall

Sitting blind; running towards a hole"I smiled he was a great singer.

"Two steps forward, three steps back

Push me, and ill push right back

All these things running through my mind

What I believe still need to find

What I believe still need to find"I was hypnnotised by his voice.

"Spinning in my bed

Or is it; all in my head

Sorry darlin’ but I can’t stay

Cause I know, I’ll never change

Two steps forward, three steps back

Push me, and ill push right back

All these things running through my mind

What I believe still need to find

What I believe still need to find

So pass it just one more time

So that we're all doing fine

Don’t mind the sun

Cause we’re just havin to much fun

Two steps forward, three steps back

In the end i’ll live right back

And all these things I need to feel

Who knows if they’re even real

Who knows if they’re even realWho knows if they’re even real"

At the end of his song I broke into aplause. He was such a great singer. His voice made me feel sleepy.

"Your a great singer." He smiled at me.

"Thanks." I yawned. then rested my head on my hand.

"Your voice made me sleepy" He laughed and huged me. 

"I'm a little tiered, want to take a nap?" I nodded. He laid down on his full size bed. I laid  next to him and we both fell asleep. 

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