I stood in the kitchen, fully clothed, getting a glass of water. Jeremy was putting my blood and- ahem- other substance stained sheets in the washer. I jumped at the feeling of arms being put around me, but relaxed when I realized it was Jeremy. His face buried into my neck and I smiled, turning my head and giving him a kiss on the temple.

"Ti amo." I love you. I said. I felt way closer to him now, and I had a hunch that the feeling was mutual.

"Ti amo."  He murmured, with a soft kiss pressed to my neck. I reached up and played with his wet hair.

"No, Ti amo troppo." I love you too. I said, trying to teach him proper Italian.

"It's the same thing." He said.

"No it’s not. You don't answer 'I love you.' with 'I love you.' do you?"

"You do if you're lazy." I chuckled softly.

"Sei così carino."

"That meant 'you're so cute' right?" Jeremy asked, pulling up his head. I couldn't help the proud smile that crept up on my face.

"Good job." I turned around in his arms and gave him a kiss. "You're such a fast learner." He grinned and nuzzled his nose against mine.

"Only when you're the one teaching me." I giggled and nuzzled my nose back.

"Contain your sweetness will you? I think I have a cavity now." Elena said, walking in with groceries.

"Whatever, Elena, you and Stefan act the same way, so shut up." I snapped. Being in the same house this long with her has driven me crazy, she just gets on my nerves.

"At least Stefan and I do it behind closed doors." Jeremy scoffed.

"Well apparently so do we." He muttered. My eyes widened and I slapped his chest, giving him a warning look.

"What was that?" Damon asked walking into the room.

"Oh, nothing, just Jeremy being stupid." I said quickly. I let go of Jeremy and walked over to the counter, helping unload the groceries. Stefan came in with more and I took them from him.

"So what did you guys do while we were gone?" Stefan asked.

"Not much." Jeremy answered. "Watched some TV, climbed a tree…” I shrugged.

“That’s pretty much it. Boring day if I do say so myself but hey- what are you gonna do? We’re trapped in here so there’s nothing better to do.”

“I’m surprised Katherine let you guys out.” Stefan said. I scoffed.

“Puh-lease. Katherine doesn’t give a shit. If anything she wants Klaus to get us. She was probably getting a manicure or something.”

“No, I was here.” A new voice said. I turned to the back door where it came from and internally cursed. If she was here that means- “Sadly, listening to these two getting it on isn’t exactly the best sound.” She got on the bar stool and looked in one of the grocery bags. I froze, along with Jeremy. Surprisingly my brothers did too “Man, can that boy make her scream.” My brothers turned to us with fire in their eyes.

“She’s lying!” I choked out. “We didn’t do anything!”

“We really didn’t! I swear!” Jeremy said. He pulled me to him, trying to protect me. Too bad he’s the one who needs protection.

“Ahem.” Katherine spoke up and hit a button on her iPhone

Ahhh! Jeremy-fuck!” My voice came through the speaker. I squeezed my eyes shut. Shit.

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