Do you ever have that feeling where, your on top of the world? Where everything is going right, and you couldn't be happier? 

When I woke up on November 17, 2011, I had this feeling, multiplyed by one million.

I laid on Damons bed in the middle of Damon and Stefan. My head was on Stefans chest, my arm was across Damons, and they each had an arm around me. I just layed awake listening to both of their steady breathing and taking in their warmth. 

I laid there for a while. It was moments like these that made me happy to have two protective brothers. Damon may be an ass sometimes, and Stefan may get out of hand when he gets a hold of human blood, but hey, everyone has their flaws right? Some are just alot more... major... than others.

Besides, everthing is all worth it in the end.

Stefan started to stir and I smiled. He blinked his eyes open and looked at me with a confused expression.

"Good moooooooorning Sleepy Head." I said cheerfully. Stefan smiled.

"Good morning Sweetie."  He said. "Damons still asleep?" I nodded.

"Yeah. Should we wake him up?" I asked. Stefan shook his head.

"Nah. We can lay here for a while. Let Damon sleep." He said. 

"Okay." We layed there for a little while until Damon started to wake up. When he finaly opened his eyes Stefan and I grinned at him.

"Good mooooooooorning Sleepy Head." We said together. Damon yawned.

"Morning Stef, morning Lizzie." He said. My phone buzzed on the table next to Damon, signaling that I got a message. 

"Dami, hand me my phone pleasssssseeeee." Damon smiled and handed it to me. I unlocked it.

Good morning my beautiful ray of sunshine <3 -Jeremy

I giggled and texted back.

Good morning Jer <3 -Me

Elena wants you to go dress shopping with her :P -Jeremy

Oh god >.< If I go, I'm taking you with me. -Me

Haha okay, see you later. Luv you <3 -Jeremy

Luv you too <3 Byeeeeeee -Me 

"Dami, Steffy, Elena wants me to-"

"Oh god!"

I looked at Damon and laughed. He had a pillow over his head. 

"Are you okay Damon?" I asked. 


"What are you doing?" 

"Keeping from killing your boyfriend!!!!!" He said. I laughed.


"I saw your last text!!!!" He took the pillow off his head and tickle attacked me. I giggled loudly.

"S-STOP!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! DAMI STOP IT!!!!!!!!" He laughed and kept tickling me. Stefan looked at us weirdly.

"Stef, help me tickle her!" Stefan shrugged and started tickling my neck and under my arms, which made me laugh louder. Damon was the one who was tickling me where I was the most tickleish, my stomach and sides. He blew on my stomach, like with little kids, and I shrieked and kept laughing.

"STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP DAMI!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Damon laughed at my reaction and blew on my stomach again. I tryed to get up, and that only made them tickle me even more. I gasped for breath. 

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