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So two weeks had gone on, no problems. Lexi went to Australia for a little, but she promised to be back for Stefans birthday in March, gave us early Christmas presents and took off. Everything was normal and fine. Well, as normal as you can get with three Vampires and two humans, plus an Original pretty much being a 24/7 stalker.

Anyways Jeremy and I had just woken up and were laying on my bed realaxing, watching Spongebob. One of his arms was around my waist and one of my arms was ontop of his. We were playing with eachothers hands. Jeremy focused really close at them, while I was paying attention to the TV.

"Baby, look..." He said. 

"Hmm...?" I moved my head and rested my cheek on his shoulder. 

"See how our your hand is alot smaller then mine?" I nodded, lost in his adorable voice. "And when we hold hands, no matter how we do, its comforable and they fit perfectly together?" He asked moving our hands around, holding them in different ways.


"When I was little, my mom told me that if your hand fits with someone elses perfectly, it means your soul mates." He said, bringing our intertwined hands up to his lips and kissing each of my fingers.


"Nah... I just made that up." I rolled my eyes and grinned.

"You're such a dork." I said. I turned around in his arms, and he crossed his legs so I could sit in his lap. I leaned my forehead against his and kissed his nose. "Amo questo di te.I love that about you. 


"Yes Jer?" 

"Can you teach me how to speak Italian?" I nodded

"Sure, what do you want to say?"

"I love you." He said with a huge grin. I giggled.

"Ti amo."

"Ti amo, Elizabeth."

"Ti amo troppo, Jeremy.I love you too, Jeremy. I ruffled his hair and started running my hands through it. "Anything else?" He pretened to think, then nodded. 

"Jeremy is the sexiest beast alive." I rolled my eyes again.

"Jeremy è il più sexy bestia mai nato." He grinned.

"Cool." He said and gave me a kiss.

"You're not gonna repeat it?" 

"Nope, I just wanted to hear you say it." I leaned my head back agian and we countinued to play with each others hands. I translated pointless things for Jeremy, and eventually we desided to get up and go downstairs to eat.

"What do you want to eat?" 

"Ice cream!" I stood on my tippytoes, giving him a kiss. 

"It's nine in the morning, Angel." He gave me the puppy face. "Jer, you're gonna get sick if you eat icecream this early." He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear:

"Pretty please with me ontop?" 


So twenty minutes later we were cuddling on the couch, a tub of cookie dough ice cream in my lap, feeding eachother. I giggled as Jeremy made me follow the spoon with my mouth. I caught it and grinned, then did the same to him. 

"It's almost Christmas, Jer. What do you want?" He pretended to think.

"A really big rock." I raised an eyebrow.

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