March 4, 1854

Damon (13) Stefan (7) and Elizabeth (3) stood clad in black clothing a short distance away from there mothers grave. Elizabeths left hand griped Stefans, and her right hand clutched Damons shirt. Damon stood with an arm around his sibblings.

Elizabeth had tears streaming down her face and let out small wimpers. Damon didn't alow himself to cry, he wanted to be brave, to show his little siblings there was nothing to be afraid of, that everything would be okay, even though he was on the verge of tears. Stefan used his free hand to wipe away his tears as soon as they came. Trying to be just like his big brother, trying to show his little sister that she shouldn't be afraid. 

Damon saw this and reached over, putting a hand on Stefans sholder. 

"Go, ahead Stef, let it out." Stefan wimpered and continued wiping the tears.

"I wanna b-be b-brave like y-you." He let out a sobbing sound. Damon bit his lip. He was far from brave. What was he going to do without her.

"You don't have to be. Thats my job Stef. Not yours. Its okay, let it out." Stefan started sobbing then, letting out wimpers.

When thier mothers coffin was lowered into the grave, Damon had to keep himself and his sibblings from running forward. Damon lifted Elizabeth up and let her burry her face in his neck and cry. He pulled Stefan to his chest and his little sister and brother cried into him.

Damon let his mind wander. How would he make it? How would he raise his sibblings without screwing it up- because his father was surtainly not going to help him. Giuseppe had become a cruel man since his wife had become sick. His once warm welcoming green eyes were now cold and uninviting.  His lips, which usualy sported a smile, now were curled down in a cruel scowl. The three sibblings spent more nights locked in Damons room, trying to avoid there drunk father.

"D-dami?" Elizabeths voice pulled Damon from his thoughts.

"Yes Piccolo?"

"Mothers going to heaven... right?"

"Of course."

"Then why are the servants putting her in tthe ground?" He kissed her forehead and hugged her closer.

"I'll tell you when your older."

October 24, 2011

Damons POV

Stefan Lizzie and I stood infront of Mothers grave. Lizzie had asked to see it after Jeremy and Elena left. I started to think about the day She was buried. How Stefan tried to be like me, Lizzies questions, thinking I would screw their lives up. I pulled them to me and nuzzled my face into Lizzies hair, then ruffled Stefans.

"You two are the only things I haven't screwed up. I love you so much." As soon as the word left my mouth i heared a whimper. I expected It to be Lizzie, but when I looked down Stefan was the one who was shaking.  He pulled away from me and stared into my eyes. 

"I t-thought you hate m-me..." I stiffined.

"Why would you think that?" His lip quivered and he looked down.

"K-katherine, and  I-I m-made you turn into a vampire and-" 

"Stefan... I do not hate you for that. I could never hate either of you." Stefan hugged me. I hugged him back and he started to cry.


Lizzie Stefan and I sat on the ground. I leaned on a tree, Stefan Leaned against me, and Lizzie sat sideways inbetween my legs, her legs stretched out across Stefans lap. Stefan was asleep and Lizzie layed against me. One of my hands was between her two hands. She was examing it like a toddler would. I ran my free hand through her hair. I could see her eyelids starting to droop. No wonder, It was about 10. 

"Lizzie, you wanna go home?" She nodded and contiuned to play with my hand. I pulled it away and she made a noise in protest that sounded almost like a kitten mewing.

I chuckled and picked her up off of me and Stefan. Stefan woke up. He wasen't a very heavy sleeper and probably felt her warmth being taken away. I stood up and so did they. We walked, since home wasen't too far away.

When we walked in Lizzie and Stefan basicly crashed on the floor.

"Stef, Lizzie, lets go upstairs." They each gave a tiered groan. Stefans sounded like no and Lizzies was just a groan. I sigged and grabbed an extra pillow and blanket. I walked to where they were, laying in the middle, letting both of them rest there heads on my chest and put the blanket over us. 

What would I do without you two?


Nothing at all.

I closed my eyes and let myself fall asleep, Feeling glad about not screwing up my little sibblings lives.





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