August 5, 1864

I sat on the window seat of my room at night, crying for Stefan and Damon. My crystal was burning, but I kept it around my neck, the pain was good, it took away some of my emotions.

I grabed my cape and snuck downstaris, barefoot. The cold helped. I walked to the stabled and went to my horse, Dragon. He grew exited when he saw me. I gave his a sad smile and stareted to pet him. He neighed and I shushed him.

"Father cannot hear Dragon. Lets go for a ride." I hopped up on him and We rode out to the creek. Not how young ladies were supposed to ride, but how Stefan and Damon taught me. 'Stefan and Damon... they taught me so much...'  Memories flashed by. A 17 year old Damon on his horse with a 9 year old me a 13 year old Stefan riding next to us. Then them bringing me back to the stables and showing me how  to ride Dragon like they did on there horses. I remember trying to make Dragon jump and falling off, geting cut on my knee. Crying and Stefan and Damon jumping off there horses and running to me. Damon carrieng me to the bathroom and bandeging my cut. Them both kissing my forehead and Stefan saying 'all better.' Then trying again the next day. Jumping over a log and Damon spinning me in the air. Stefan ruffleing my hair, going out to town and Damon getting me a new doll. I still had that doll... 'NO! No thinking about them! Just ride...'

My hair blew behind me I closed my eyes for a second then Opened them again. There was a man infront of me. I tryed to stop Dragon. He threw me off and Kept running. I screamed and The man came toward me, Makeing me scream even more when I saw Damon. 

"Lizzie..." He breathed. "Its me! Lizzie Its Dami! Its your big brother! I shook my head.

"N-no! Damons dead! I watched him die! Stefan too!" He shook his head.

"No Lizzie! No! We're not dead! But Father is! We have to get you away!" I fought against him.

"No! Its not Damon!! Your not him." He got on his knees and Looked up at me. Damon grabed my hand and gave it a gentle squeze.  I looked into his eyes. My eyes staring back at me. My necklace cooled down a little.

"Piccolo its me." I calmed down.

"Dami... Your not dead! How?" He stood up and Hugged me. 

"I'll explain later! Right now we have to-" Damon was thrown into a tree and green eyes faced mine. 

"Eli!" I was pulled into a hug. I screamed.

"Damon!!" I looked at who was infront of me. Stefan. My necklace started burning again. I pounded on his chest an he let go of me, ran away, and I fell and my head hit a rock, cracking open. Dami ran torwards me again and his face was different, His eyes were red and there were veins around them. Inplace of his teath were fangs. I screamed. "What are you!?"

"Lizzie! Your bleading!" He looked at his wrist then back at me. He grabed me and put me in hid lap, then bit his wrist and stuck the wound to my mouth. "I have to turn you! Please Lizzie drink!" I was starting to get realy scared. I understood. Turn me into a vampire...

"So you would kiss the sun goodbye?" Damon looked at me with pleading eyes as the new voice circled me. It sounded innocent but loud, like a little girl. My necklace heated up even more.

"Please Lizzie, take it!" His blood ran down my throat, I tryed to cough it up but Damon foresed me to take it. My heart was pounding, I could hear it in my ears. This was too much. 

"And give up your life to never die?" I started crying. So scared...

"LIZZIE!!" I took it startled, Damon had rarely ever yelled at me. "Thats it... Good girl." He looked at me calmer, and wrapped his arms around me rocked me back and forth. I cryed and clung to his shirt.

"Hide behind the face of a monster..."

"I don't want to be a monster, Dami I don't! Don't make me!"  My voice was quiet but he heard me. I heared a giggle

"You won't be a monster Piccolo. I promise!" He was crying too now. 

"A killer..."

"I'm only 13 Dami!! I don't want to be 13 forever!!" another giggle

"I'm sorry!! I couldn't let you die!! I can't live without you..."  We sat there for a while. My eyes started to droop. I continued to cry silently. My grip on Damons shirt loosened and I closed my eyes comepletly.

"Time is nothing, child of the night..."

October 11, 2011 midnight

I gasped and sat up, Causing me to fall off the couch and on to the floor, on Stefan. I was crying. Both of my brothers woke up and Damon ran to me he wrapped his arms around me. I took small, frantic breaths and grabed on to Damon.

"Eli!!" Stefan said panicked. I was sobbing now, still Grabing on to Damon. I could barley breath and my brothers started to panick. 

"Lizzie calm down!!" 

"It was just a dream!" I franticly shook my head and started to cough. Gasping after every one.

"Please, just tell us what happened!" I just kept sobbing

"ELIZABETH!!" My brothers shouted together. I jumped, scared.

"I-I *Gasp* D-dont wanna *Gasp* be a m-monster!!" Stefan sat directly behind me, His stomach pressing agaisnt my back and Damon hugged me tighter. I leaned my head back on stefans sholder and continued to cry, my eyes closed. They both shhed me every time I made a noise and Stefan got up after a little while leaving me with Damon. I buried my face into Damons chest and he played with my hair. My tears stoped and my sobs turned into hiccups. Stefan came back with a mug of something. I took a sip and coughed. I shook my head. It was warm milk and blood. 

"Drink it Eli..." Stefan said smoothing my hair. I shook my head.

"No." I said in a small voice. "I just want blood..." Damon nooded and I went to his neck and bit I calmly drank and felt better. My head rooled back and I removed my human teath came back. Damon and Stefan softly laughed and Stefan wiped my face. I whined.

"Shh..." I was liffted and we went upstairs. We layed down and Damon whispered in my ear.

"Sleep Lizzie." I took a breath.

"I love you both."

"We love you too."They said together. I fell asleep.

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