Mystic Falls, 1853

Elizabeth, Stefan and their Mother walked along the dirt road, on the way to the school house. They had desided to suprise Damon by visiting him durning their lunch hour.

"Mother, will we be able to see Damons friends?" Stefan asked.

"Yes Stefan."

"Mother, will we be able to see Damons school room?"

"Yes Eliza." Daniella sighed. Her youngest and middle child had been asking her questions since they had left the house. She had wanted to talk to Damons teacher, and of course, Elizabeh and Stefan had begged to go with her.

"Mother, will we be able to-" 

"Look, there is the school house." Daniella pointed out. Elizabeth and Stefan ran out to Damon, who was sitting with two girls, and one other guy. Stefan tackled Damon and Elizabeth giggled, laying ontop of them. Once Damon got them off he sat up and pulled Elizabeth into his lap. Stefan sat next to him.

"What are you guys doing here?" He asked kissing Elizabeths hair, and ruffled Stefans.

"Mother wants to talk to your teacher, so we wanted to come too." Stefan said. Damons eyes widened.

"Damon, who are they?" The other boy asked.

"These are my baby sibblings, Stefan and Elizabeth." Damon said. The two girls leaned foreward and tickled their chins.

"They are very cute." one cooed.

"Lets play house with them! Do you guys wanna play house?" The younger siblings looked at Damon. He nodded.

"You can if you want to." They stood up and ran after the girls, who were on their way to a tree. Damon got up, and went into the school house.

The girls decided that Stefan would be Laylas son and Elizabeth would be Nicoles Daughter. They played together until the school bell rang, and Damon came out of the school house looking upset. His grades were down and his mother was upset with him.

"We have an extra 10 minutes of break." He announced. The class cheered and kept playing.

"Come on, Elizabeth, were gonna go meet your friend!" Nicole said. Elizabeth ignored her and ran to Damon. She may have only been two, but she was still smart enough to know when her brother was upset.

She goit infront of him, and held out her arms.

"Whats wrong Dami?" Damon smiled slightly down at his baby sister. He sat down on the ground and Elizabeth stepped forward kneeling between Damons legs.

"Nothing you would understand, Piccolo. But can I have a hug?" Elizabeth nodded and leaned against him, putting her small arms around his neck and pressing her cheek into his chest. Damon sighed and put his arms around her. She was so small and warm. He loved her and Stefan more than anything, and Elizabeths hugs always made him feel better.

Once Damon let go of Elizabeth, they walked over to where Stefan and the girls were. They were gushing at Stefan and feeding him sweets. He caught sight of Damon and Elizabeth and grinned at them. Damon chuckled.

"Way to go, little brother." He mumbled.

Elena's POV

"Why aren't you home yet?" 

"I'm going to my car right now. I'll probably be there the same time as Damon Stefan and Lexi"

"Are they coming to pick up Eliza?" 

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