November 9, 2011

Saterday, 10 AM

"You realy prank each other for an entire week?"

"Yeah, the week before the Miss Mystic Falls competion. We always do it, even when were out of state, or even the country." I said to Jeremy. Practical Joke Week had been going on since I turned twelve.

"Wow."  I scratched behind Kiwis ears who was cuddled in my lap.

"its realy fun. One of us start it and the rest follow. Stefan and I usualy team up, since were the two younger sibblings. Last year Damon started screaming at us because we dyed all of his clothes pink." I giggled at the thought. Jeremy laughed.

"How did you manage that?"

"We sent him on a wild goose chase for potato Doritos. I told him if he didn't bring me some I would run away. Then we bleached all of his clothes, died them pink, washed them, and put them back in his closet. He fliped when he saw his leather jackets."

"What happened to you and Stefan?"

"We got grounded for a week. But it was so worth it."

"Awwww" He wined cutely "I wanna join in on Practical Joke Week." I giggled again

"Sorry, Its kinda a sibling thing."

"I see how it is." I could just hear the pout in his voice. 

"Jer, stop making me feel so bad." I twisted a lock of hair around my finger and pulled a little, which he said he found extremly cute. I could tell it drove him crazy. "I'm realy sorry." He was completly quiet.







"Your gonna make me cry!!"



"Yeah?" I let out a breath.

"Why weren't you anwnsering me?"

"I got coffee."

"ASSHOLE!!!!!" He laughed. 

"I'm sorry. Pweessee forgive me?" I alomst "awwed" at his cuteness. 

"Okaaaaaaaaaaayyyy. I forgive you."


"WHAT THE HELL?!?! WHO DID THIS?!?!?!!" Stefans Voice cut Jeremy.

"Who was that?" I giggled

"Stefan. Looks like he found my prank." Damons laughter boomed through the house. "Damon saw it too!! Gotta go. I'll see you at the grill later!! Love you!"

"Love you too." He laughed "Bye."

"Bye." I hung up and ran to Stefans room. I took down every photo, poster, and wall decoration in his room and replaced it with something thats for animal rights.

I wrote across "Bunny Killer!!! The bunnies of the world will team up and eat YOU one day!!" across his floor in syurp and poored feathers over it. 

"Awesome Lizzie, good job!" Damon high fived me. Stefan glared at me. 

"You're cleaning it up!!" 

"No way!! Bunny killer!!!!!!!!!" I screamed. Damon and I laughed.


Saterday 11 AM

I grabed my towels and headed to take a shower. I walked into the bathroom and screamed. The entire thing was covered in silly string of every color.

The toilet was covered in blue, the sink was green, the shower was purple, the towel racks were orange, and to top it off, String of all colors was sprayed around the room.  And on the floor writing was scrawled out in lipstick:

You like syrup? Well I like silly string. Look up. 

I looked at the roof, where my pranker wrote:

Love Stefan.

"STEFAN YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Saterday 11 AM

Stefans POV

I laughed at Elis outburst and got off my bed.  You did good Stefan, you did good. I opened my closet door and my mouth droped.

All of my clothes werent my clothes!!!!


I yelled out a lot of curses and seperated the clothes, knowing it would say who did this. There was a neon green poster in the back


-Your awesomely awesome Big bro, Damon.



Saterday 2 PM

Elizabeths POV

"Who got pranked so far?" Jeremy asked. I grinned.

"As you know, I got Stefan. Stefan covered my bathroom in silly string and Lipstick, and Damon replaced Stefans clothes with old lady clothes." Jeremy laughed.

"Thats hilarious!" I giggled.

"I know, I just have a feeling Damons gonna get me next." My phone went off. I pulled it out. The message was from Damon.

Dear Lizzie, hope you know Chinese.

"What the hell is that supposed- wait a minute." I checked my phone. EVERYTHING WAS IN CHINESE! 

"Son of a Bitch."


Sunday 9 AM

Damons POV

I layed back in my bed trying to think of some more pranks to pull on Lizzie and Stefan. I could baricade there doors with phonebooks. Or try to-

Baby baby baby ohhhhh like baby baby baby noooooooo 

What the hell? I seached the room and found a phone under my dresser. I turned it off rolling my eyes. Amatures. Now back to thinking. I could stuff Lizzies closet with foam peanu-

Your a jerk! I know. Your a jerk! I know. Your a jerk jerk jerk jerk

I groaned and found another phone in my closet. This is starting to annoy me.



Im a barbie girl, in a barbie worlldddd!! Life in plastic, its so fantastic!!!!!

I'm blue dadadedadada!!!!!!



Sunday 12 PM

I sighed and layed back in my bed. I finnaly got all the phones and threw them out the window. Stefan wasted some serious money. Back to thinking abo-

I've got them moves like jagger- 

"Hello?" I picked up my phone.

"Hope you know Latin." Came Lizzies voice

"I actualy do." I smirked. 

"Did I say Latin? I meant Estonian." 

She hung up. I looked at my phone, Everything was in some weird language!!!!



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